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Friday, 5 July 2013

When I first started this blog, I will admit, I had no real sense of direction. I didn’t have a ‘niche’ like all the guides recommend. I just wanted to set up my own little space, where I could write and share everything I love. I imagined being Carrie Bradshaw, writing down some semi philosophical piece about why guys don’t call back swiftly followed by a piece on my latest shoe obsession.

Yes, while my blog is by no means a roaring success, and it has defiantly built up slowly, I love where my blog has taken me, and love what direction it has come to, and that couldn’t have happened without you guys. I adore reading your comments and hearing your feedback, I appreciate every single one of your views to my blog, and it just makes my day.

So I feel like I’ve come to a point where I really wanted to say thank you to you, and while I’d love to give a little thank you gift to everyone I’m afraid I might just go bankrupt. So I’m hosting my first giveaway... drum roll please!

IMG_4708 IMG_4709 

I decided on a Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet and High Heel charm. I adore jewellery, and what girl doesn’t love a bit of arm candy? I feel in love with Thomas Sabo last year after I got my friend one for her 21st, so I thought it would be special enough to show my appreciation. 

IMG_4728 IMG_4713 

I decided on the purple-pink band, as it would be great for summer, and I preferred it over the plain link bracelet, which looked a little boring. Of course I decided on a heel charm as well it is rather fitting for Heroine in Heels, don’t you think? 

IMG_4720 IMG_4722

This is open to anyone, blogger or non blogger, UK or international so to win this, all you need to do is:
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  • Tweet this message: 

Enter @laurajhyatt thank you #giveaway to win a Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet and Charm

For extra entries, you can:
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  • Tweet the message an extra time each day for 1 extra entry per day!

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  1. Great giveaway you have an amazing blog.

  2. Your photography is absolutely stunning. Congrats on an amazing blog :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous giveaway! Definitely going to enter ;) gorgeous photography as always xx

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  4. What a fabulous giveaway. I love the bracelet and the colour you chose.

  5. Really generous giveaway and so appropriate for your blog!


  6. Done!

  7. Amazing giveaway!

  8. Hope i am not too late! Beautiful giveaway! Julie McLaren


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