A Winter's Walk

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Dunham Massey (20)

I often forget how good a simple walk can be. Especially a winter's one. 

 A low, breeze whips around your skin, the frost covered ground crunches beneath your feet, and the colours, well, everything has this gorgeous haze to it. 

I'm currently in Warrington- a small town nearish to Manchester- for Christmas. Thing's are a little greener here than in the big smoke, so I couldn't pass the opportunity to whip out my camera and try and capture the beauty. Especially seeing as there is a deer sanctuary nearby! So off we bundled to Dunham Massey. 
  Dunham Massey (3)

Everyone assumes that summer is when all the wildlife is about, yet right now there is so much going on to capture with your camera. Of course though, I think it's the colours of winter that make photography this time of year gorgeous. Such vibrant hues. 

Dunham Massey (4)

Although maybe wrap up warm as it's definitely bitter outside, to the point where ponds started to freeze.

Dunham Massey (5)

Which leads me to quickly squeeze in a bit of style. 

This time of year does tend to lead me to just want to through on as many layers as possible, however unstylish, and that's definitely OK. No one needs to be vogue everyday, however I did find these gorgeous faux leather knee patch trousers. Best part is, they are super warm and really comfy, oh and for you practical people, everything to wipes of them. See Mum, I am learning.

Dunham Massey (6)

At home the heels lay, out came the winter boots, and I don't think I could think of more stylish 'Practical' boots. Leather and wool do make the cosiest nest for my feet. 

Guess who they are by? Clarks! I know, the place where you used to get your typical style school shoes from. Well they've grown up at bit. 

Oh and do you want to know something even better? They are on sale now!

Dunham Massey (7) Dunham Massey (8)

Coat- Reiss (Similar)
Jumper- Unknown: Charity Shop 
Scarf- Primark
Trousers- Zara
Boots*- C/O Clarks at Shoetique

Dunham Massey (9)

As we slowly meandered the park, dipping in between trees, the sun began to dip also. 

This is the time when the winter terrain looks its best. So I thought I'd try and show you it's beauty.

Dunham Massey (10) Dunham Massey (12) Dunham Massey (13) Dunham Massey (14) Dunham Massey (15) Dunham Massey (16)

I just loved the way the light did wonderful things the the photo's. That glare of the sun in the corner is rather mystical. 

Dunham Massey (19) Dunham Massey (17) Dunham Massey (1) Dunham Massey (26)

We were starting to get achy feet, and thought we might never see any deer. Probably too cold for them this time of year. 

However our patients paid off, and towards the end of our walk, look who we spotted in the woods. 

Dunham Massey (25) Dunham Massey (24) Dunham Massey (22) Dunham Massey (21) Dunham Massey (23)

Beautiful deer. Everyone from mum, dad to the little baby. You can't get too close though as they either run away or get protective, and those stag antlers look pretty dangerous...

Dunham Massey (2)

As the darkness crept over us, we decided it was time to make our way home.

I think I might be starting to warm to winter.

Hope you are all having an amazing Christmas Holiday, and I will see you in the New Year! Have a great one. x

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The Restaurant Guide App

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Zomato App (13)

I hate to admit it, but I am pretty much glued to my phone. It never leaves my body, and I always seem to have something "Super important" I need to be doing on it. 

The other week I had a go at my boyfriend for texting whilst we were out for brunch. Double standards? Sorry babe. 

So if you are like me, we might as well use it for good use right? 

Zomato App (21)

I have an amazing new app for you, which is basically like having your own personal restaurant guide in your pocket. It's called Zomato.

You may know of them as the restaurant review site, and while I'll admit I'm not into my review sites, I am into getting ideas and recommendations of where to eat and drink. 

Once again I'll admit I was a tad dubious, but I'll be honest, it's pretty brilliant. 

Zomato App (22)

The homepage has some great starting category's to kick things off if you have no idea. There's groups like "Just Opened" to "Tequila Bars". The restaurants and bars are based on your GPS location, however you can manually search other locations, like if you are planning a trip away.

Zomato App (23)

Me and Dan were looking for somewhere to go for our "Christmas Meal"- Essentially our last night before we both went to our respective parents houses for 2 weeks over the holidays. 

I used the 'Nearby' function and low and behold Goodman sprung up. 

Zomato App (24)

It gave me all the information I needed about the restaurant, including reviews and photos and the ability to book right there and then.

Zomato App (25) Zomato App (14)

Plus you can even have a peak at the menus before hand. 

Goodman is often in contest with Hawksmoor for the best steak restaurant in London. The menu consists only (bar 2 other choices) of steak and has every type you could think of. 

I'd had enough of small tasting menu style dishes. I was in need of a real meal! 

So off me bundled to Goodman in The City.

Zomato App (20)

Hear you will find only the best cuts of meat, but also the largest. This is not for those with a small appetite let me tell you.

Zomato App (15)

Dan opted for the Sirloin which came in at 350g which is just over 12oz, however I think I won this one..

Zomato App (18)

400g of Prime Rib Eye. Rib Eye Steak has more intermuscular fat than any other cut of beef, making it one of the most tastiest of cuts because the fat equals the flavour. Sorry Dan and your anti fat, but I bet mine was tastier?

Don't think it's that big? Check this out:

The steaks were amazing, plump, juicy and superb quality. I wanted to carry on eating and eating as it was that good, but I was defeated... but only by a tiny bit.

Of course, we had to have a few sides with it. I'd really recommend the mac and cheese. It was so delicious and indulgent.

Zomato App (17) Zomato App (16) Zomato App (19)

I'd thoroughly recommend Goodman, the steaks are just amazing. It definitely deserves to be fighting Hawksmoor for the best steak.

And of course you must check out the Zomato App. You can downloaded for iPhone here or Android here.
A photo posted by Laura (@laurajhyatt) on
I think I'll leave you with that little caption!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas!

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Christmas at The Shard

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

George at Asda Christmas (8)

Two more sleeps till Christmas! I can't wait. Not for the presents or anything, but because I'm hopping on a train up North to spend time with my family. I love Christmas for all the fun and laughter around it. I love the decorations, the atmosphere, I love that magic.

Which is why having a sort of fake Christmas at The Shard was so exciting- They know how to do magic.

George at Asda Christmas (5) George at Asda Christmas (10)

George at Asda invited a few bloggers to have Christmas dinner with them in the Shangri- La Hotel in The Shard. Opening this year to a bit of a fan fare, it is opulence at it's best. But for me it's the views that make it special.

I'll never get bored of the London skyline at night.

George at Asda Christmas (12) George at Asda Christmas (9) George at Asda Christmas (6) George at Asda Christmas (7)

With glasses of champagne and fancy canapés, we soaked in the gorgeous winter views.

The views from The Shard are spectacular. However here is a little tip from me, don't bother with The View from The Shard. Just go to one of the bars, and a buy a drink. Sure the cocktails are like £14, but when the The View is £28, your getting it half price plus a great cocktail this way.

George at Asda Christmas (4) George at Asda Christmas (3) George at Asda Christmas (11)

George were so kind enough to send me something to wear for dinner. This gorgeous lace dress looks so much more expensive. The black and gold thread is so intricate and it really hugs to your curves. Best part? It's only £30. Snap it up here.

George at Asda Christmas (13)

After a good mingling session, we sat down for Christmas dinner. I think this might a be a bit grander than when I go to my parents house.

George at Asda Christmas (14) George at Asda Christmas (18) George at Asda Christmas (17) George at Asda Christmas (16) George at Asda Christmas (15) George at Asda Christmas (19) George at Asda Christmas (20) George at Asda Christmas (21)

The first course arrived. Smoked Salmon with crab meat, kefir line and English Caviar. 

I've currently got a bit of a pet hate for arty farty food. I know that it shows talent, dedication and the chef's craftsmanship, but sometimes I just want a good old big plateful of food. If it tastes that good, I want a whole lot more of it. Just being honest with you.

However, while I could have done with more as I said, it was very good, I can't deny. 

George at Asda Christmas (22)

Balance was soon restored though with a good old classic- The Christmas Dinner. I can not wait for Christmas day now. 

George at Asda Christmas (23) George at Asda Christmas (24) George at Asda Christmas (30)

Finally we indulged in a little something called Soft Chocolate Cream, that had brownie pieces, caramelised pears and caramel ice cream.

It stole the show.

George at Asda Christmas (31) George at Asda Christmas (25)

Now when I said Christmas wasn't about the presents, I didn't mean I didn't enjoy them. 

So when George delved under the tree to give us all a gift, I was rather excited.

George at Asda Christmas (26) George at Asda Christmas (27)

Christmas jumper, gloves, scarf, ear muffs and slippers. It's a winters dream!

George at Asda Christmas (28) George at Asda Christmas (29) George at Asda Christmas (2)

After rocking around the Christmas Tree for a bit, we decided to head upstairs to the 52 floor bar, to soak up some more views.

George at Asda Christmas (34)

GŎNG, on floor 52, derives its name from 'dougong' - a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets, used in traditional Chinese architecture, which I played eye spy with.

The bar has a number of intimate chambers including Cocktail Bar, Champagne Bar and a Swimming Pool! Of all things!

Up here, the backdrop of London really is dramatic.

George at Asda Christmas (32) George at Asda Christmas (33)

So while everyone acted elegantly, sitting with champagne in hands, I had other ideas.

George at Asda Christmas (35)


Well a pool 52 levels above London was too hard to resist.

George at Asda Christmas (36) George at Asda Christmas (37)

Of course I caught people in the bar's attention, including the George camera man which I clearly jumped in surprise!

Trouble maker eh?

George at Asda Christmas (1)

Carrying my heels in hand, I padded back into the lifts and descended to ground zero.

With present in hand, all wrapped up, I could feel the magic of Christmas in the air.

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