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Monday, 29 June 2015

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I wasn't planning on doing any festivals this year. I attempted Glastonbury but failed to get any tickets, so I just decided to skip the wave of muddy boots and flower headbands and do some other fun summer things. Preferably less muddy.

However when New Look kindly invited me to Wireless, I thought one festival this summer couldn't hurt.

New Look Wireless

Hat- H&M
TShirt- H&M
Shorts- c/o New Look*
Boots- Clarks c/o Shoetique*
Bag- c/o Cru*

I decided to dress a little tough. My new favourite Metallica T Shirt which I got for New York- posts coming on Wednesday- and seeing as yesterday morning it was lashing with rain, I went for sturdy boots I didn't mind getting mud on. Turns out it wasn't quite so needed.

I also love these new New Look denim shorts. The tassels are really cute. Also a most crucial element when it comes to short shorts- these ones actually cover the ass. Result.

Wireless10 (15)

Once the rain had stopped, me, Nessa and Katie made our way in.

This year Wireless turns 10 years old, and to celebrate New Look, the main sponsor have made it more fashion conscious.

So after wandering around for a bit, we headed off to the New Look area.

Wireless10 (18) Wireless10 (20) Wireless10 (19)
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They'd styled it in a Ibiza way, with white loungers, open DJ booth and a cocktail bar serving champagne, wine and summer cocktails.

The area also has hair and beauty styling, games, a cool photo booths and a pop-up shop any festival clothes you might have spied on someone else and just had to have.
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Talking of fashion, I was seriously digging Katie's Very kaftan.

Wireless10 (17)

Grabbing some good old classic festival grub, we decided to sit further back on the grass to watch rather than cram in with the masses at the stage.

This way we could also people watch too. One of the great pleasures of a festival.

Wireless10 (8)
Wireless10 (6)
Wireless10 (5)
Wireless10 (7)
Wireless10 (9)

A delightful message by Chance The Rapper!

Wireless10 (14)

But for me it was this woman I wanted to see. Rita Ora.

Love or hate her, she was darn good on stage. She literally gave everything to her performance. Oh and she still manages to look utterly sex on legs doing it.

Wireless10 (13)
Wireless10 (12)

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Wireless is definitely a lot more chilled out than Glastonbury, and because its a day festival, you don't have to brave a wet and soggy tent. 

Wireless is one for 3 more days next weekend and there are tickets left, so go grab a couple- it's set to be a scorcher too!

High Societease

Friday, 26 June 2015

High Societease (2)

Soho is one of my favourite areas of London. Why? Because it's cheeky and naughty, but still plays nice.

If you don't know Soho has a bit of a raunchy impression. Famed for its sex shops, bars, table dancing, and a good old splash of prostitution, you can see why. Soho is also well known as a key strong hold for LGBT and is where I had one of the best night out with a fabulous woman named Chanty.

I do love a good old refined English afternoon, but what happens when Soho meets English Afternoon tea..?

High Societease (3)
High Societease (1)
High Societease (4)

Hosted at Kettner's, the historical restaurant where Bing Crosby, Oscar Wilde and Agatha Christie were all regulars, is High Societease. A delectable afternoon tea with a cheeky twist. Whilst you munch on morsels, delectable characters perform around. From the sumptuous burlesque of Ruby Deshabille to the amazing circus performances of Michael Standen.

First to feed the first sense, taste, a gorgeous afternoon tea with traditional salmon and egg mayo sandwiches, with warm buttery scones. But after this, traditional afternoon tea was no more...

High Societease (5)
High Societease (6)
High Societease (7)
High Societease (8)
High Societease (15)

Joe Morose was our host. Funny, cheeky and rather talented on the piano, he had me laughing one minute and gasping cheekily at his puns the next. A feast for the ears.

High Societease (9)

I'd been invited by the mysterious Ruby, and so was intrigued to see her performance.

Well. Let's just say she's nothing short of perfection.

I love burlesque as the way women move and own the stage is incredible and Ruby is no exception. Burlesque is about empowerment and control over ones body. It's a powerful thing.

High Societease (10)
High Societease (11)
High Societease (12)
High Societease (13)

Of course, burlesque is always meant to be on the playful side of cheeky.

High Societease (14)

After the mesmerising performance of Ruby, we were treated to a very flexible man indeed...

High Societease (16)
High Societease (17)
High Societease (18)
High Societease (21)

Cabaret isn't just about the seductive, it is supposed to be fun too.

High Societease (20)
High Societease (22)

And if that face doesn't say fun, I don't know what does!

High Societease (19)
High Societease (24)
High Societease (23)
High Societease (26)
High Societease (25)
High Societease (27)

The afternoon ended with a mesmerising performance by Ruby, which I'll say no more and let you see.

High Societease (28)
High Societease (29)
High Societease (30)
High Societease (31)

And if that picture doesn't convince you to give High Societease a whirl then I give up on you!

To book your afternoon tea visit Kettner's online and to find out where Ruby is next, check out Rubydeshabille.com

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