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Friday, 25 September 2015

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (26)

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It set's you up for a day of trying to multitask, anaysis and think on the spot, which is why a good solid breakfast before work makes sense.

Canary Wharf has always been a little bit meh for food in my opinion. Filled with chain eateries, it's not really a destination for food.

However with the newly opened Crossrail (building not actual underground) a few of London's favorite eateries have opened up other branches there. Think Breakfast Club, Big Easy and also Sticks n Sushi.

Sushi wouldn't normally be somewhere I'd think of for breakfast, but never one to not try, I popped along to see.

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (27)

Sticks n Sushi is actually a little bit surprising. I bet you would never have guessed that it was one of the most successful restaurants in DENMARK. See it isn't just a Japanese restaurant, its a blend of Nordic and Japanese food.

The restaurant has a very Nordic feel. Clean lines, and neutral colours, yet fear not, it's not Ikea and more upmarket. 

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (24)
Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (23)
Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (25)

The breakfast menu, named Sticks n Sunrise, is quite an interesting one. You won't find bacon and sausage here, instead think Rye Bread and Seaweed or Sourdough and Goats Curd with Avocado. Oh and yes there is sushi is you do want it that early. 

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (28)

Taking a couple of work colleagues we opted for the smoothie of the day which was avocado, lime and mint. Personally I don't like avocado, but I was told it was good. 

You can order items seperatly from the menu, but we decided to all opt for a breakfast tray. A set menu of small items. 

My colleague was brave and went for the Japanese Breakfast Tray. 

First there was a "Tebirkes" – poppy seed Danish with matcha.

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (29)
Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (30)

Followed by the cute little Japanese tray of food.

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (31)

Futomaki quinoa-rice with vegetables & yuzu vinaigrette.

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (15)

Miso soup with tofu, spring onion & wakame seaweed. 

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (14)

Organic sheep milk yoghurt with homemade matcha-granola & fruit compote.

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (13)

O-ha-yoo kimchi.

I was told it was all very good, if not a little strange to have at 8am on a Thursday. 

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (17)

This was accompanied by endless servings if green tea.

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (22)

I and my other colleague opted for a safer breakfast option in my opinion. 

We had the Nordic Breakfast Tray.  

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (19)

Ok so when I safer, there are still some odd sounding ingredients. But apparently it is very common in Denmark to have things like seaweed at breakfast. 

So first up was a piece of avocado, fresh goats’ curd, pine nuts, cress & tsume soy on toasted mini rye bread baked with miso, seaweed & coal. 

Naughty me took of the avocado as I just can't get into it. So anti blogger trend of me. However the cheese and bread were great. 

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (18)

Next was smoked salmon, cream cheese topped with trout roe & herbs on toasted mini rye bread baked with miso, seaweed & coal. I adore smoked salmon so this was right up my street.

The rye bread is actually really good and didn't actually leave a dense feeling in my stomach like I thought it would.

It didn't have a "Coal" taste but it had a sort of smokey- grill tang to it. 

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (16)

”Tebirkes" – poppy seed Danish with matcha were just so light and the matcha was sweet but not sickly. 

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (21)

The only thing I didn't like was the organic sheep milk yoghurt with homemade matcha-granola & fruit compote. I think it's more a case I'm not a huge fan of yogurt, but it's a tangy sort of yogurt. 

Sticks n Sushi sticks n sunrise breakfast (20)

Finally on the tray is a cut little sandwich like duck egg tamago or Japanese omelet with emmental cheese, pancetta & spinach. The egg was well done, and the pancetta gave it a nice contrast to the sweet cheese. 

Sticks n Sushi is a great place to go for breakfast before work, or even if your over in the East to come down to the great CW (Canary Wharf). We had a fairly quick breakfast as we only had an hour, but they had some delicious looking cakes if you fancied dragging it out till brunch as well.

1 Crossrail Place
E14 5AR

Where To Drink During London Fashion Week

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


That time has come again. Roll out the red carpet, London Fashion Week is only a few days away. I mean personally it feels like Fashion Week is constantly coming around, but in this case, if that means an excuse to try some specially made cocktails in the name of fashion, then I’m OK with that.

So whether you scored an exclusive invite to a show, or you just want to partake in some after party drinking, here are the best places to drink during London Fashion Week.



Quaglino’s is a dark, moody, over the top glamorous restaurant and bar, with an art deco feel, with some serious interiors. Sweeping staircase for your fashion week outfit entrance? Check. Beautiful flooring for your #fromwhereistand Instagram shot? Check. Long reclining sofas for that glamour pose? Check Check Check.

Quaglino’s have designed a special cocktail menu for the occasion from 14th- 26th September. Including Coco Chanel Killer, made of Mount Gay Black Barrel rum, orange, pineapple, and Coco Lopez; and Gucci Sour, made of Gin, Lemon Juice, sugar, passion fruit and egg white.

16 Bury Street,


The Il Bar at the Bulgari

The Il Bar at the Bulgari Hotel is the epitome of ice cool glamour. Taking center stage is a huge hammered metal bar created by Italian artisans in honor of the hammered finish that was used to create the silverware of Sortiro Bulgari. Frequented by celebrities and socialites, its one of your best chances to spot a famous face or two after the shows.

Try the Ancient Rouge made of Campari, Cocchi torino, orange marmalade, lemon juice and strawberry purée. Or try The Splendor In The Glass, made from prosecco, Zubrowka, St-Germain, lemon and elderflower cordial.

171 Knightsbridge,


The Long Bar at the Sanderson

You really can’t get much more ‘fashion’ than here. From the quirky eye chairs, to the lip sofas, it’s also got a bit of a reputation to be where the beautiful people hang out. So if you are looking to bag yourself a model…

Try the 20* Latitude South made with pisco, ginger liqueur, line, cointreau and martini bianco or the rhubarb and agave made with Don Julio Blanco, lemon, mint, rhubarb liquer, and champagne.

The Sanderson Hotel
50 Berners St


Radio Bar

Who could forget Radio Bar. Opposite Somerset House where London Fashion Week used to be held, it’s one of the most sought after roof top bars in London. With views of Tower Bridge and St Paul’s it makes for a gorgeous back drop to anyone’s fashion week selfies, and with drinks such as Summer Nights made of grey goose, watermelon, vanilla, lemon and the Remember ME with bombay sapphire, strawberry, lemon, prosecco, your photos are sure to make you insta-famous.

Radio Roof Top
336-337 Strand,


Aqua Kyoto

Another roof top bar, you really can’t beat an after party on a roof top terrace watching the sun go down with a glass of bubbles in your hand. Even better the terrace has just been re-down by Marios Schwab creating an infinity mirrored bar and beautiful lighting displays.

Try the Lost In The Making, made with Vodka, kumquats, lemon, honey and herbal liqueur. Or go for the Last Word, made with Tanquery 10, lime, maraschino, green Chartreuse. 

Aqua Kyoto
5th, 240 Regent St,

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Altitude Mask Workout with Skinny Rebel

Monday, 14 September 2015

These last few month's I've really tried to improve my fitness. No, it's very unlikely I'll get abs, and I'm just not genetically blessed with long limbs, but I wanted to improve my overall health, stamina, and yes, build some muscle and shed some body fat.

One of the things I really struggle with is stamina. I suck at cardio, and get out of breath pretty quickly.

So to try and improve this, I went and tried the latest workout craze, Altitude Mask training, with Skinny Rebel at The Conrad hotel. The one thing I will say is. I'm no fitness buff, I'm an average girl, who probably eats too much. So this video is no master training plan. It's to give you an idea of what it would be like to train with one But also if I can do it, so can you.

What is it?

The mask mimics being high in the mountains where the air is thin, and so there is less oxygen. The idea is that with less oxygen, you body has to work twice as hard to perform the same exercise. It's basically a more efficient way to exercise. The idea is also that it get's you to breath correctly over time, so that you effectively utilise your lung capacity correctly and to it's max when you work out.

Why would I do it?

Take the example of Kenyan long distance runners. One theory is that the reason they out perform most of the time in comparison to British runners is that in Kenya in the mountains there is far less oxygen than in Britain. Over time they train their bodies to become effective with less oxygen, making their lung capacity greater.

When they race over somewhere else where their is a much greater supply, their bodies are suddenly flooded with far more oxygen than they need to run at the same efficiency than out runners, and so they can run harder and faster than ever before.

Therefore, if you trained 90% of the time with the mask, then when you workout without it, your stamina and performance should be far greater.

What did I think?

I was sweating like I have never sweated before.Within 10 minutes I was so out of breath. It feels like something is compressing on your chest, stopping the air getting to you. It really does feel like you can't breath properly. Simple exercises like burpees left me needing to rip the mask off. I felt like I had worked out so hard, and so whilst I was left dying on the floor, I felt so good afterwards.

Where can you train with one?

Skinny Rebel offer personal training or small classes of 5 people with the altitude mask at The Conrad hotel in St James, London.

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England v Ireland Rugby with Samsung

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Twickenham Executive Box (1)

One thing you won't have seen on my blog before is sport. Not since high school hockey have I played anything with a decent commitment.

Now coming from Warrington, I should be a little clued up on my Rugby, which was just as well as on Saturday I headed to watch watch England v Ireland at Twickenham with Samsung.

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (16)

However I was doing things a little more fancy than just watching the game from the stands.

As Samsung is the RFU’s Official Consumer Electronics & Smartphone Partner (e.g they provide the large screens and other tech) they were hosting a pre game lunch in their executive box with Jason Robinson- rugby legend.

The views of the pitch from the box are outstanding- the photo really doesn't do it justice. Plus it's nice to have space to roam around in.

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (19)
Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (20)

Oh and a bar. A well stocked bar.

Twickenham Executive Box (2)

Before lunch I also got to play around with Samsung Virtual Reality head set, the Gear VR.

It's really quite strange as you really do feel like you are somewhere else. In this case in the middle of a rugby pitch. I got totally disorientated and ended up hitting a chair. Classic.

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (17)
Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (21)

After schmoozing (and making use of the bar of course) it was time for lunch.

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (23)
Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (24)
Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (10)

First though, Samsung had just debuted their new adverts featuring Jack Whitehall called the Samsung School of Rugby. I've put the video below as they are actually really funny. There are 4 in total but this one is my favourite. 

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (22)

After the little comedy show, it was down to the good stuff, the food. 

I was never in any doubt the food was going to be good here, and it was. Smoked salmon is fast becoming a favourite of mine,

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (2)

The main though was a good hearty piece of lamb which I think is rather appropriate for a rugby game. You need a solid cut of meat for watching sport.

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (8)

Finally we had cheese and crackers (which is one of my other great loves) and to round it off a creamy chocolate mousse. Oh it was delightful. 

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (9)
Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (25)

After lunch, Jason gave us his thoughts on how the game was going to go. In short he said England should win. Positive thinking and all.

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (1)

Then before we knew it, it was time for the main event. 

England v Ireland. 

Outside the box are seats for the match. As you can, we had a pretty good central view. 

Rugby is actually a sport I can watch. It's action pact, and always something to keep you on your toes, unlike football where there sometimes can be a lot of passing and not much else.

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (7)
Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (6)
Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (4)
Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (5)
Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (3)
Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (12)

With a box, you aren't limited to your seat, and if you wish to pop back in for a drink, then that's ok.

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (11)

You can even watch it through the glass.

Within 14 minutes we were up, and soon were rising in points. Ireland made some good comebacks which got tense, but in the end we won with an amazing score of 21-13! Come on England!

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (13)

After the game the celebrations started, and a few bottles were opened. Oh and more food arrived. 

Twickenham Rugby Executive Box (14)

It would be wrong not to have a meat pie at a rugby game. Although this has to be the cutest I've ever seen!

Make sure you support England in the Rugby World Cup, after that game, I think we have a good chance this year.

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