Island Hopping to Halki

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halki island, greece (20)

Today was my last day of island hopping around Greece. 

It really had been the most unreal experience, but sadly all things must come to an end. However not wanting to break our spirits, we were promised a real hidden treasure. 

Halki island, greece (1)

When we started to slow down, and these views came in, I started to get that giddy explorer feeling. 

Halki island, greece (2)
Halki island, greece (3)
Halki island, greece (19)
Halki island, greece (10)

And rightly so, as such in front was the most beautiful town I had ever seen. 

Halki island, greece (7)

Halki is a teeny tiny island, actually it is the smallest inhabited Greek island with a population of just a few hundred.
The stunning harbor is lined with Venetian style coloured houses, making it visually just gorgeous. Everyone scrabbled to the side of the boat and gasped.

Halki island, greece (8)
Halki island, greece (9)
Halki island, greece (6)
Halki island, greece (5)
Halki island, greece (4)
Halki island, greece (11)
Halki island, greece (22)

We anchored by the rocks, with the promise of exploring after lunch. But first we were all keen to dive into the crystal lagoon like waters.

Halki island, greece (30)
Halki island, greece (31)
Halki island, greece (17)

I can't really believe I haven't spoken to you about food aboard MDFV. The food really is such an integral part.

Every day we have 3 meals or should I say feasts together, family style, and with views like this as your dining sights, well, it's really not hard too see why this is paradise.

Halki island, greece (15)
Halki island, greece (14)
Halki island, greece (18)
Halki island, greece (16)

Oh and when I say the food was unreal, it really was. The chef on board trained at 5 star hotels across Europe. Yeah, that good.

Halki island, greece (21)

But even food that good couldn't keep us from heading ashore.

Perched on a tiny speedboat, we came into the only town of the island.

Halki island, greece (24)
Halki island, greece (23)

With only one town, one hotel and one beach, it really is a place to just unwind and relax, because well, there isn't much else to do.

But sometimes that's just OK.

Halki island, greece (25)
Halki island, greece (26)

Halki island, greece (29)
Halki island, greece (28) Halki island, greece (27)

Sadly after a few hours, it was time to leave, and head back home.

Halki island, greece (12)
Halki island, greece (13)

I can honestly say this island hopping adventure of mine was truly the bet trip I've ever had. Everyday I woke up on deck and just couldn't quite believe where I was, or what I was seeing.

Never had I experienced such paradise.

Seriously, I can't recommend MDFV enough. It truly is the best holiday you could have. It really has opened up my eyes to such wonders in the world, and also made be in a perpetual state of wanderlust.

I'm sure I'll find a way to be back in 2016, as with these sights just a few hours away, there's nothing holding me back.



Volcano Hunting in Nisyros

Monday, 26 October 2015

Nysiros Volcano

Moving on from Kos on my Greek Island hopping adventure with MDFV, we were heading away from beaches and sunbathing, on a more adventurous root. 

Today I would be stepping inside the crater of a volcano.

Better get sailing to Nisyros then.

Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano

Nisyros is one of the most stunning and picturesque of the Greek islands and is very much unspoiled by tourism, with barely a tourism industry. 

Going off these views I half don't want to tell you about it, as I want to keep it a little tourism free secret. But it really is too beautiful not to share.

Nysiros Volcano

According to Greek mythology, Nisyros was created during a battle between the Gods and the Giants. Poseidon, the Greek God of the sea, chased the Giant Polyvotis down to Kos, where he chopped of a part of it and hurled it at Polyvotis, which struck him and he sank to the bottom of the sea.

The piece he cut off became a new island; Nisyros.

Nysiros Volcano

As we hiked it up the mountainous terrain, in the distance we spotted the volcano crater. 

It's rather a daunting sight, but also one of beauty. A real stand there and gaze in wonder moment, 

Nysiros Volcano

Nysiros Volcano

The last eruption was in 1888, which caused the volcano collapse, leaving the crater you see. The volcano is still active, so yes technically it could still erupt again. Gulp.

Nysiros Volcano

We slowly walked along the rim of the crater, looking down into it. 

It's really so hard to sum up in a photo just how unbelievably impressive it was. The colours, the texture, just the sight of it was incredible. 

Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano

I guess that's the warning about it potentially erupting then.

Well we'd trekked this this far, might as well just go for it. 

There is a small, very steep slope down to the belly of it, sensible footwear only please.

Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano

Inside the crater is just the most amazing feeling.

I got chills from being inside, as it's so vast and colossal. 

Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano

Across the floor of the crater, are active fumaroles. These are vents from which volcanic gas escapes. 

Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano

It does get rather hot and steamy, so sunglasses might also be good for your eyes. 

Oh and yes, it does smell actually, so maybe a peg?

Nysiros Volcano

Keen to soak in more of those amazing views, we started to trek up the mountains the other way.

It's not too steep- although gets steeper than this picture- but its far to the top, so the height is actually huge. 

Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano

But at the top, the views are worth that trek though.

Nysiros Volcano
Nysiros Volcano

You just really can't beat this. Being at one with nature. 

It brings a sense of balance and calm to my life. 

Nysiros Volcano

Not too sound too cheesy now, but can I be excused from saying the phrase "Feeling on top of the world".

To me travel is not too about sitting in some swanky bar drinking cocktails and lunging by a expensive pool, it's about experiencing other cultures, discovering the natural world and continually growing as a person through exploration.

Here's to many more days like this one.


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