Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sri Lanka Travel Vlog: Galle

The last couple of weeks have been just a little bit mad. 5 flights in 11 days kind of mad. As I work full tine, doing any sort of "traveling" is impossible. No 4 weeks trekking around Asia style trip. Instead I'm limited by annual leave and also a maximum of 2 weeks in one go. But that was never going to stop me was it?

I decided to do three counties in 11 days and yes whilst I only saw a tiny peice of each, least I still did. No excuses now. 

So the first part of my 11 day trip was to Sri Lanka, or more specifically the coastal town of Galle. 

I've got some lengthy blog posts coming up about my time there, and recommendations etc, but I wanted to show you my travel video of the trip as it gives you a great roundup of the place and what I got up to.... Oh and you can see what rain in a tropical country looks like! Wow it rains! 

So enjoy and stay tuned for my adventures soon!


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