Kattencafe Kopje- A Cat Cafe in Amsterdam!

Monday, 17 September 2018

Last year whilst in Amsterdam I heard of something called De Poozenboat which means cat boat in Dutch. Sadly it wasn't open on the Sunday when I found out about it so I didn't get to see it, but basically it is a boat full of cats. Ok, they are rescue cats waiting for adoption so it's not quite as mad as it sounds, but I mention this as before I went back to Amsterdam I was Googling it and discovered something even better...

A Cat Cafe! Or Kattencafe in Dutch.

St James's Hotel and Club: Happiness in the city

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

As a Londoner, and someone who properly lives the typical London lifestyle; work in the city by day and explore London's food and drink scene in the evening, happiness in this great city is a factor many of us contemplate on a weekly basis.

It's often hotels debated whether the city or the countryside lifestyle makes us more happy. There is points on both sides, but that being said, no one can say living in a city, and London to be exact, can be full on and often exhausting.

Which is why the St James's hotel and Club have introduced their Happiness in the city package to try reset us often burnt out and questioning life types.

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