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Manchester Christmas Markets 2012

Sunday 18 November 2012

It’s Christmas!

Ok, so mid November is slightly too early to be hanging tinsel and cracking out the mistletoe. But when Manchester’s legendary German Christmas markets open, it would be rude not to get into the spirit.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Open log fires, hot creamy drinks, twinkling lights- everything just looks better bathed in a warm glow.

So yesterday, me and a couple of my flatmates boarded the train and went off to get festive.

And to set the tone, my first festive drink of the year was in order. It’s no Starbucks Red Cup, but I would highly recommend the Honeycomb Hot Chocolate from Costa. Sweet but not sickly.

The obligatory mulled wine was our first point of call. The queue was huge, but of course, no Christmas is complete without mulled wine. The drink even came in a cute mug instead of paper cup, as Manchester this year has promised to be more eco friendly.


Oh how I love cheese! My two favourite foods are cheese and bread. I just love good quality cheese and bread. Especially from markets, where the bread is homemade, and in an array of unusual flavours.  Did I just spot 3 year matured stilton...?

The markets are full of an array of over sized sweets, artisan farm foods, novelty Christmas decorations and one off gifts. I would really recommend going. It’s just lovely to walk round, and for those less Christmassy, the Arndale is next door (who are you people?! )...

Later into the night, all the lights came on, and my pre-vision of twinkling trees, and warm glow radiating came true. Snuggled up in my coat, scarf and mittens, I was a very happy girl.

All pictures are my own except the first which is from my-hospitality.com

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