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Mid-Week Cocktails

Thursday 22 November 2012

It’s a Wednesday evening. You’ve been slogging it away at your computer all day, putting your heart and soul into that keyboard. Yet that 2000 word report has inadvertently become 4000 words and your just like ‘oh crap!’
What do you do?
Cocktails with your girls of course!
I can’t deny that my university town isn’t known for it’s nightlife, and is somewhat thin on the ground, however Grizedale bar does do some fabulous cocktails. So after a little gathering of the troops in the flat, that’s where we headed.


For an on campus college car, I couldn’t have been more surprised. It's actually really nice and classy inside; all soft mood lighting, and slick lines.

I was all over the vodka twister, to be honest, it had me at Midori.

I plumped for the spiced appletini and the vodka twister.
However, does all this effort really ever to end at the bar...
Of course not! The ever reliable Sugarhouse called.
Have I finished that report... don't be daft!

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