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Manicure Monday: Flower Power

Monday 19 November 2012

Nail art has seemed to suddenly exploded onto the scene, in all its rainbow and glitter glory.
Of course, nail art has been around forever, however, from my perspective, it seems to have really become the latest big trend. Everywhere I look, blogs are posting pictures of some simply amazing designs- works of art in some cases! Even magazines are running pages of incredible pictures from around the blogosphere. And I think that’s precisely the point. It’s the dawn of the blog.
The fantastic http://boomnails.blogspot.co.uk/ is proof!
Magazines used to print pictures from professional photo shoots, that were highly stylised, unrealistically expensive, and photo shopped to portray this perfect ideal. Yet, blogs provided us- the consumers-with a way to show real images, real fashion, real style. It also provided a medium for true talent to show case their skills, which is extremely hard to do in the corporate side of fashion.
Blogs have become hugely popular in the area of fashion- especially in ‘Street fashion’ and magazines are having to listen to this consumer behaviour and adapt.
So why nail art though?
Personally I have a theory, and it’s down to 2 things:
  1. The economic downturn and feeling the purse pinch.
  2. Our backlash over body image and the rise of self esteem campaigns.
Fashion and beauty are very much about being able to express yourself, your creativity, and your personality through statements of wear. I’m not sure now is really the moment to go into the psychology of why I love my super bright floral trousers so much, but you get my drift. Yet, truth be known, clothes are expensive, and to keep with trends, to differ our look, really hits the wallet. Whereas nail art is a lot cheaper.  Good nail varnish can be picked up for around a fiver, and that bottle will last for a long time. Get yourself 4 shades or so, and you’re off. Only your lack imagination is your obstacle- and maybe a shaky hand!
Second, nails are something that anyone; any age, any size, any shape can really showcase. The industry is starting to shift somewhat toward more diversity in its portrayal of women, but it’s still slow. So nail art is a way to really showcase the style can come from anyone.
But best of all, I bloody love it too! For all its glitz and glamour, I love it!
To recreate I used:
Avon Nailwear Pro- Peppermint Leaf
Models Own nail art pen- Black
Models Own nail art pen- White
Models Own nail art pen- Gold
Those Models Own nail art pens are really good. They have both a nib, and then a brush, however the brush I've found isn't tapered, therefore it sprays out too much. However, overall the nail polish is good quality.


  1. Those nails are so cool!
    You must have such a stead head to paint those!
    Would love it if we could follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know when youre following me.
    Lots of love from London x


    1. Hi, thanks ever so much. Not going to lie, doing my right hand is hard, my left does not want to remain still!
      I'm just reading your blog now, its so good. Honestly, just reading on post after the other, as it's really interesting and the pictures are fab. Currently just reading your Philly Chicken Feast- oh boy!!
      Yeah definatly1 Sounds like a great idea. Just followed you now :)