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Avoiding Christmas Weight Gain

Saturday 22 December 2012

I know, I know. Eat, drink and be merry! Stop raining on my parade!

Trust me, I’m no party pooper, and I’m certainly no gym enthusiast (what gym membership, actually?). Although I will admit I do worry about weight gain. Let’s be honest here, us girls we do have a lot of pressure, and it does take its toll on our self esteem and body image. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t affected by media images and the like.
That’s the only downside to Christmas. Last year I ate and ate my way through the holidays, which yes, it sure as hell tasted yummy, but I did feel depressed come the New Year when my jeans didn’t fit and I felt bloated.
So this year, I’m being sensible.No, this is not some extreme, ‘’let's all go for a run on Christmas morning’’ guide... no no, there will be none of that where I’m concerned. But here are my tips to keeping constant and happy this Christmas.

Very Old School- Here comes Laura and her *Previous* inability
 to control herself around the Christmas chocolate tin!
Weigh yourself.
If you are like me, the thought of weighing yourselves often leaves your knees knocking, just stop for a second. It’s only a number. Yes, it may be higher than you hoped it would be, but it’s OK. This is what I mean by our self esteem taking a battering.
By weighing yourself at the start, you can monitor and manage your weight over the holidays. Then I’d recommend weighing yourself every 2 days to keep a track. No more- let’s not get obsessive. Also, weigh yourself at the same time every day. I’d go for the morning, after you have been the bathroom and before breakfast.

But remember if it does go up, relax! If you keep on top, it will level out again, if you just resist the extra mince pie the next day.
Regular meals
It’s so easy to let normality go out the window, and instead of having regular meals, just graze on cookies, mince pies and that tin of roses that just seems to keep topping itself up. However, make sure you stick to your 3 meals a day. This will help keep your metabolism running, and also will help you feel satisfied and less likely to snack.

This doesn’t mean you can’t snack. It is Christmas after all and we all need some holiday sweetness in our lives. Just be sensible that’s all. My suggestion is to keep those goodies for ‘moments’ as I like to call them. If you quickly snatch a couple of choccies of the counter in passing to do the washing up, they are gone in a flash, and not really savoured. Yet, if after dinner, when the families settling down to watch Christmas movies, then is the time to have a Christmas goodie. You’ll appreciate and savour it much more when it’s associated with good memories.
Double happiness.
Old's Cool
One thing I love Christmas for is the Christmas meals. Whether it is with friends, work or societies you belong to, I just love going to a restaurant that has a good quality and inventive festive menu. I’m a little bit of a food snob sometimes- there is no way you will find me down at Nandos willingly. (I realise I’m probably going to get slaughtered for this now!)
When I do go out for dinner, the last thing I want to do is worry over my choice of food. I’ve never understood paying over the odds for a salad. When I go out, it’s a treat, so I will defend myself against anyone who questions my need for 3 courses.
However, I realise that it is a lot of food, and therefore the other meals need to be light and nutritious. No skipping meals though, this is a disaster as your metabolism will slow down. Just think along the lines of a bowl of porridge with fruit for breakfast, and a healthy sandwich or soup for lunch. Then the next day keep it light again. Balance restored.
Eating just because it’s there.
The passing around of the box of chocolates. The last few remaining potatoes in the dish. ‘’Go one, have another mince pie- it’s only Christmas once a year m’dear’’.
I all too often find myself eating simply because it’s there. It’s like those potatoes on my plate are just staring at me, questioning why I didn’t choose them. And even though I’m not really a fan of roses, I still take a handful when offered.
However, what is actually the point? Are you missing out if you don’t have them? No. Don’t let Christmas mask that if you are full, you are full. It is will power, but just stop.
My tip that I did 2 years ago (why I didn’t do it last Christmas I’ll never know?) is if you really think you’ll be missing out on those expensive Harrods chocolates that are getting past round, take one, but save it for later.
So let me introduce you to my goodie jar.
I didn’t want to eat 5 chocolates in a row, but at the same time, didn’t want to not have a Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle. They are my favorite you see. So I took one, and put it away in my jar, along with others over the holidays.
I then got to have a truffle at the time of my choosing, which also meant I could spread them out, to keep the balance. Currently, yes, it's looking rather empty, but I'm still at University right now, so no chocolate for me. Maybe that's another tip- stay on a deserted campus!
But whatever happens this Christmas, do just have fun and be happy. If you do find yourself a little heavier in the new years, it's OK. If you want to get back into shape, you can do it, you just have to work for it. Remember, Christmas is a celebration, so make sure you do celebrate with those you love.


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  3. amazing tips honey, the truth is that in these days is so difficult not to gain weight hehe!

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  4. great post! Happy Holidays :)

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  5. It's just tooo difficult not to snack and stuff at xmas! Well done being sensible, sadly I'm not the same :( and will worry about it (and cry lots) at a later date!! X