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Chin Chin Labs

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Today I had an interview down in London.
Afterwards I had a bit of time to kill, so I met up with a former colleague, and we found ourselves in Camden.
I have a bit of a love affair with Camden. There’s just something so nice about that no matter what your style, your taste or frankly your personality, you’ll be accepted!
However there is one place that I just had to visit if Camden is in the equation.

Chin Chin labs-Nitro Ice-cream Parlour.

Yes, Ok, when it’s this cold outside, is ice-cream really necessary? Frankly when it tastes this good, yes!
The unique difference in this ice-cream is that it is made using liquid nitrogen. This gives it a gorgeous, creamy, velvety texture, which stays thick for longer.
The guys who work there are all former chemists who like Heston Blumenthal are interested by Molecular gastronomy. Bored with their jobs (or so the guy making the ice-cream told me), Chin Chin labs was conceived.

You can see the ice-cream being churned on the spot and as the liquid nitrogen is poured in front on you, the gases billow over.
Now the flavors are something to talk about!
They specialise in, let’s say unusual flavors. Last year I plucked up the courage to try Basil Choc Chip- surprisingly it was good, really refreshing. Each week they change the unusual flavor, to keep us on our toes. They also do vanilla and dark chocolate.

With each order, you get one sauce choice and one topping choice. Which this being a lab, toppings include grilled white chocolate and caramelised pretzels. 

Their current unusual flavour is Candy Cane flavour at the moment, but I don’t really like them so I will admit I was slightly boring and went for vanilla this time, but it’s just so creamy, so defiantly not plain. Then I had grilled white chocolate and raspberry compote. The sauce is beautifully tangy, which gives it a great kick. 

It may be sub zero outside right now, but in my eyes, there is always a time for ice-cream.
They are located  at 49 - 50 Camden lock place.
They have a website www.chinchinlabs.com, but I’d recommend following them on Twitter for more info: www.twitter.com/chinchinlabs plus they do tweet back if you chat to them.


  1. This looks so cool! ive never seen this place in camden before! were abouts is it?

    btw you have a great blog :) followed you! cant wait for more post xxx

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love Chin Chin's best ice-cream ever! XX

    Kelly xox

  3. wow that place looks really cool! I wish I could give it a try. <3


  4. hi! thanks for visiting my blog - i'm following you now =)

    OMG, i never heard of this type of ice-cream before but I LOVE ICE-CREAM and this looks/sounds amazing!!!!!

    too bad I have no idea where "camden" is. ahhahaha


  5. Yum, that looks sooo good. Anytime is perfect for icecream time haha. I wish I knew that this place was in Camden, I would've definitely gone there this summer when I was studying abroad :(
    I like your blog a lot, it's cute! I'm following you now, hopefully you can check out my blog and perhaps follow back?

    Jen xx