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DIY Old Sweet Shop Jars

Saturday 15 December 2012

One thing I can probably guarantee at Christmas time, is it usually involves at least one Secret Santa scheme, which I love.
We all know it’s already a far too expensive time, so any way to help save a few pennies, is good in my books.
After I’d bought my gift, I found I had spare cash left over, but not really enough to buy anything substantial. I was traipsing round Debenhams when I saw the old sweet shop jars they do. They look so tempting, but at £14 each, I was soon put off
Looking at them though, I thought I could actually recreate this myself. This way saves money and, let’s be honest, it’s always nicer to receive something that’s actually been thought through and given the personal touch. 
Kilner, Sweets, DIY, Secret Santa
To recreate, I used:

  • A Kilner Jar- £2.79 TK Max
  • Ribbon
  • Sweets
  • A homemade label

Kilner, Sweets, DIY, Secret Santa

I also decorated mine with a old broken bead necklace to give it a bit more of a glitzy charm.

I bought a few bags of sweets from the local shop, layered them and there you have it. So simple, and yet it looks such a lovely gift.
Kilner, Sweets, DIY, Secret Santa

The good thing about this present also? 'Accidentally' buying too many sweets, so somehow they just find their way onto your desk... It's the gift that just keeps on giving.


  1. This is a really cute idea.
    Also to answer your glossybox question. I think it depends on the person. If your someone that will happily try everything and understand that from time to time you will get stuff your not happy with then yes it is definitely worth it. But if your someone who will only try certain things or expects to have high end/ full size products each month then it would be a disappointment. Hope this helps xx

  2. Also i really like your blog.. im a new follower x

  3. such a cute idea...who doesnt love sweets :) x