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Manicure Monday: Caviar Tips

Tuesday 11 December 2012

OK, so technically now Tuesday, but at half 1 in the morning, this is what my life has come to. This last week has been a bit of a long slog. Far too many deadlines, a few mishaps, and to top it off, what is this weather?! It’s far too bitter.
So trying to unfreeze my tush, I settled with a mince pie, I re-did my nails for the new week. 
You probably have seen Ciate’s Caviar Manicure which has been out for a good while now; however at £18 it’s a little pricey. Actually when it first came out, I did a DIY version, by buying little beads of eBay, which worked brilliant, if not a little bit bigger. However, now that it’s popular, other brands have cottoned on.
So roll up Superdrug’s MUA range.
The knock off inspired range is called Nail Constellations and there are 5 colours to choose from. I chose Scorpio as with the red and green in it, I felt it was rather festive. Although at £3, I could buy them all for cheaper than Ciate.
This time, I thought I’d create a abstract design, with the beads filling in one section, rather than going  all over- maybe though for my next Christmas Party.
To recreate, I used:
  • 17 Supreme Shine Nail polish- Sphinx
  • No.7 Speed Dry Nail Colour - 30 Hot Heather
  • Models Own nail art pen- Black
  • Models Own nail art pen- White
  • MUA nail constellation- Scorpio
  • 17 Nail Xtras- Top Coat 
  • First, paint all over with Heather and wait till completely dry.
  • Next, using Sphinx, paint a diagonal line, starting about half way down, and fill in the area underneath.
  • TOP TIP: If your hand is less than steady, use a piece of with a straight edge to draw the diagonal line.
  • Then draw another line for the tip of your nail using the white pen- I did mine slightly diagonal.
  • Then using the same white pen, outline the edge between the gold and the pink section, and then do the same with the black pen.
  • Now, pour a small amount of the nail constellations into a small, shallow pot. I used a plastic kitchen storage container.
  • Once everything is dry, cover the tip section in clear nail varnish, and roll your nail in the beads.
  • TOP TIP: You will need to slightly rearrange- a pair of tweezers is handy.
  • Finally once all are done, give a good coat of clear varnish over the beads to set them. 
There might seem like a lot of steps, but it isn’t actually as difficult as I have probably made it seem like.
The beads actually stick really well which I was skeptical about. Make sure you do cover a good coat of clear varnish to hold them though.
I’ve already had lots of compliments about them, so you are guaranteed the wow factor for your Christmas parties… or just a bit of everyday cheer.




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  2. Great nail art design :)


  3. These look amazing! love the design =]