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Reinventing Your Christmas Party Dress

Sunday 9 December 2012

December is the party season. The glitz and glam of all the Christmas parties is finally here.
On Thursday I had my Colleges Christmas Ball, and whilst all my housemates went out and bought new dresses, new shoes, new jewellery I found myself in a bit of a downer. Christmas is also the expensive season! Having to buy so many presents at once, I found I couldn’t afford to buy a whole new outfit.
So I did what- let’s face it, no girl wants to do... opened my wardrobe and looked for something I already owned.
So it may not have been new, but I paired my dress with some statement jewellery and THE most gorgeous heels, courtesy of Kurt Geiger
And I’d like to think I looked just as glam as everyone else. 
Best part though, the total of my outfit? Zero!
Now you don’t need to be as frugal as me, but if you too are struggling, here are a couple of ideas to reinvent dresses which you already own.
After this styling, no one will notice you’ve worn your dress before.
Dress- Already own
Hair accessory- ASOS Tikka Hair Clip £25
So you’re looking through your wardrobe and you find a white dress you own. Possibly from a night out, maybe even a work dress. Nothing special.  However fear not, for me, the Christmas parties are all about making an entrance, so let’s glam this dress up.
Velvet long gloves, instantly give this a sophisticated makeover. Think Audrey Hepburn. Add a pair of slinky heels. Nothing clumpy or dark, we are going for elegance.
I found this hair accessory on ASOS, and let me tell you, I will be placing an order.
It is fabulous, and is guaranteed to make your outfit look a million dollars. All that is needed is a glass of chilled bubbly and the night is yours.

Dress- Already own
Underskirt- Ebay
Now everyone has a trusted LBD in their wardrobe. The good news is you know your guaranteed to look and feel good in it, as well that’s what a LBD is for. However, a little boring?
Something I have been doing for a while now, is reinventing my dresses by putting a tulle underskirt underneath. Instantly it creates a new shape dress, starting from a small A-line, to big and dramatic, with a bigger skirt underneath. My opinion? For Christmas parties, the more dramatic the better.
Add some statement gold jewellery to keep the look dramatic and all (envious) eyes on you.
A little tip if you cannot find a statement necklace bold enough- layering. Again, I often layer necklaces for added impact.
Finally for this look I’d recommend bold lips, and big long eyelashes. LancĂ´me Hypnose Star is good for this.
So with these reinventing ideas, there is no excuse, downer be gone, you shall go the ball!

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