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Happy New Year

Tuesday 1 January 2013
Happy New Year everyone!
2013 is here and I can feel it’s going to be a good one!
I always like New Years Day reflect on my past year, and remember all the great things that I achieved. It’s incredible easy to forget the positives, yet it’s essential that we do to help build upon it going forward into the next phase of our lives. While technically nothing changes after midnight, it is a symbol of new beginnings and the ideal opportunity to reinvigorate.
Making this post in itself was a fantastic boost to my self confidence as it reminded me of how far I have come. I’d recommend anyone to sit down and write about 2012, and then when you are have an off day, just bring out this little positive boost, and voila good feelings ensured!
I lived in London
While technically I moved there during 2011, I still lived there for half of 2012- and it was incredible! I honestly fell in love with the city. I found myself discovering new place every week, doing things and going places I never thought of. I felt so at home in the big city, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to live in such an exciting place as it honestly has developed me.

I got 2 fantastic boosts to my CV
There are not many people my age (Plus when I started I was 19) that can probably say they’ve had the work experience I have been fortunate to have. Working in an environment where decisions that affect every single person in this country are made, was such a motivation.
I’m so proud of the fact that I got a two jobs in London, as it boosted my confidence in my work capacity so much. I learnt that I have the skills and the ability to be able to carve out a fantastic career. It has now given me the relentless drive and ambition to make it in the world of business. I will be a London career woman.
2012 has been the year of my career building. It has started my professional life of amazingly, and for that I am so proud.
Plus on the side, I got the opportunity to go to Zurich which was pretty sweet!

I was proud to be British.
Living in London during the Diamond Jubilee was fantastic. I really felt at the heart of the celebrations, and I had never experienced such en mass patriotism. It was such a buzz!
I was there on the river bank, flying my flag as the boat flotilla went by, and then I was in Trafalgar square where Boris Johnson had put on a show of all the great and good of the last 60 years.
I also went to Royal Ascot, which again, was just something fun. All of these things were simply just such fun times, and all I remember was being so happy- something I aim to be more of in 2013. Just taking part in things that make me happy.

I turned 21
The year has come when I truly cannot say I am still a child anymore (although not legally, still at heart sometimes!)
21 years old. In some ways it’s such an important year, it’s the age when I think we finally transform into adults. I do agree. I really believe I have matured so much.

I ran the Great North Run
Never in a million years could I ever have predicted that!
If anyone had told me that they could see my running half a marathon, I would have laughed in their face! It was so out of character. I am the last bit sporty, least bit fitness-y out of anyone I know.
Honestly, the story of how it came about though isn’t out of character. I’m quite a spontaneous, let’s do it! kind of girl. I mean I up and moved to London on my own, having never even set foot in the city before! My boss was talking about how her husband was running the marathon, and I remember sitting in awe thinking that was such an amazing achievement. Suddenly I just had the urge to do the same! I turned to my laptop and typed in London marathon- too late. Next result was The Great North Run- available. In an instant I clicked applied and sent it. Done.
What was I thinking?! It was honestly an idea generated out of a 10 minute conversation! Madness! Well let me tell you, my first run went like this. I pressed play on my iPod, starting jogging, yet could not even make it to the end of the song without gasping for breath! What had I done?
Yet after months of pushing myself to run every day, further, harder, faster, I did it. I ran 13.1 miles nonstop in 2 hours 19 minutes. Something I never thought I was capable, and yet I did, which just proves if I put my mind to something, I can accomplish anything!
Plus I raised a lot of money for charity along the way.

I went back to university.

I dreaded this day. After working for a year, I hated the thought of returning to lectures. While I still don’t enjoy writing essay or doing my bloomin’ dissertation (!) I have actually enjoyed it.
Cue silly fancy dress, crazy storeys, but most importantly, amazing friends!

This last year has really been a journey. Of course there have been negatives, but it was doing this post that I’ve remembered all the good.
Here’s to another fantastic year, which brings even more fantastic life vents with it!
Cheers 2013!


  1. Hi! I've just found your blog & LOVE it! I absolutely love reading all your posts :) Happy New Year! You've found a new fan :)


  2. I don't even know you but reading this post made me so happy for you! Haha I'm really glad you had such a great year with such amazing accomplishments! Your future holds great things, I'm sure! xx