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I was tricked!

Sunday 20 January 2013

First and foremost, let me apologise for the lack of material this week. It’s all been rather a little crazy busy, and frankly, not too blog worthy. However, I am finally at my computer, for a little blog love time.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know over the weekend I've been visiting my friend in London. We've known each other since high school, and somehow ended up at the same college and university. Our friendship is a funny story really, as during high school we actually hated each other. I believed M was an idiot; liked to play the class clown, always shouting out and as a result spent most of his time outside the head teachers office. He disliked me for my tutting at his behaviour, and frankly, because I was the nerdy kid.

Yet somehow at college, we just seemed to bond over our love of computing, yet hatred of the IT course material. M is a one off, and I’m the only one who will tell it to him straight- is he being an idiot? I’ll tell him and the same applies to me too! He’ll tell me I’m gabbing excessively or flapping too much. Yet he is also such a good friend and that’s why I had to visit him down in Canary Wharf, where he now lives after ditching me! Ok he actually graduated and got a job, but in my head he ditched me!

When I arrived, M suggest going out for dinner at the O2 arena. I was a bit hesitant, as I will admit I’m not a massive fan of chain restaurants. I have nothing against them on principle; I just like to try unique and individual restaurants. I feel like they put more effort in, plus we need to support the little man entrepreneur rather than global corporations. I tried to object but no, M insisted we go there, as ‘He had to show me round the O2’. Well I had never been, so why not?

Well turns out he had a ulterior motive...

The NBA had come to London. I should have known! M is a massive fan of American sport, mainly basketball and American football, and so if he couldn’t get a ticket, then he’d be as close to the action as possible.

On display were some players behind glass doing fancy skills.

After hanging around some bar screens, I managed to drag M for food. We ended up in Fankie & Benny’s as it was pretty busy everywhere, plus the lure of the special menu- 2 courses for £10.95 was too tempting. Of course, all good meals start with cocktails if possible, and F&B have quite a good selection. M made the slightly girly choice of Strawberry Shortcake, although i nicked a bit and it was delicious. It was a mix of Disaronno Amaretto and strawberry liqueur blended with strawberries and cream. So refreshing- not that we needed that when it was so cold in London that day!

For starters I ordered Southern Blue Mushrooms which was baked flat mushrooms filled with mozzarella, garlic and breadcrumbs, served with fresh rocket, Grana Padano and balsamic glaze. And you know what? I was really impressed. I was pleasantly surprised with the presentation, as it looked fancier than I expected. 1 nil to Frankie and Benny’s for effort and presentation. Plus it tasted excellent; had a good combination of flavours, and the mushrooms were cooked just right.

The only problem was my starter didn’t arrive till quite a bit after M had finished his. The was because at first they had brought me the wrong order, and then whether they had forgotten, I’m not sure, however after questioning it, the waiter was really good about it, he apologized, was extra attentive for the rest of the meal and offered to knock off 10 pound from the bill. I can’t fault the staff, they were excellent. 

For mains I had Cajun Chicken Calzone and M had Goats Cheese and Red Onion Pizza.

Of course, more cocktails followed, and we shared a pitcher of Pineapple Mai Tai.

I was a bit of a sport widow though for the meal, as M couldn't resist watching the game on my mobile. I could barely get sentence out of him at parts. 

I was thoroughly impressed with F&B and would go again to the O2 one, however needless to say i was promptly dragged away into a sports bar for the highlights of the game! Men, eh?


  1. M is a little devil isn't he?! You will have to get your own back ;)

  2. Awesome photographs! Looks like you had a good time anyway ;)

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