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L'Oreal Men Expert Extreme Charcoal Wash

Wednesday 30 January 2013

I have a confession to make. I am probably going to draw gasps from beauty bloggers everywhere, but I use a male cleanser.

I was catching up with my friend the other day, when she returned from my bathroom with a look of puzzlement on her face.

‘Why do you have L’Oreal Men Expert in your bathroom? 
Is there someone you’re not mentioning?’

Sadly the truth was far less juicy. However it did make me think that I’ve been holding out on you as honestly it sounds so odd, but this is my ultimate cleansing product and I think L’Oreal are missing a trick here with the women’s market.

L'Oreal charcoal face wash

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Last year I live with a guy who worked in marketing at L’Oreal- suffice to say I loved the fact that new products constantly drifted into my life. One day he came home and asked me to try this soon to be new product- L'Oreal Men Expert Extreme Charcoal Wash

Apparently the trial panel had found it too extreme, making their faces too tight and ‘squeaky’, so  he wanted some outsider perspective, however living with all girls meant we’d have to do.

Now sadly I’m no natural beauty, every morning will admit, I apply quite a lot of makeup, which means come bed time, it’s an effort to cleanse away, and I struggle to find products that are hard core enough for my war like paint. Also I'm a bit lazy, so I splashed my make up’d face with water, loosened my makeup a tad, and proceeded to apply the cleanser! After giving my face a scrub, I washed it off, looked in the mirror and- well! My face was honestly clean and makeup free! It had succeeded where other dedicated makeup removal cleansers had failed.
L'Oreal charcoal face wash

I do agree that the cleanser is quite strong, and my skin does feel a little tight afterwards, but nothing a good dose of night cream won’t fix. While the cleanser does come out black, which isn’t the most appealing to girls, it foams up white and doesn’t leave any ‘man’ smells.

I swear L’Oreal would have a killer product if they repacked and rebranded this for girls, as I swear by it now. So yes, it’s probably not convention, but honestly girls, it’s good! 

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  1. I use an activated charcoal mask from Origins and love it. It sounds like this cleanser does the same thing! I would definitely try your 'men's' product!

    xx Kait


  2. sounds good! Wonder if itll take off double wear foundationx xx

  3. This sounds fantastic! I may pick this up if I see it around :)


  4. wow this sounds great, who knew eh? mens cleanser...


    P.s I have a giveaway on my blog, check it out if you're interested

  5. I am so glad to read this! I just tried a sample of garnier's oil control face wash for Men (I'm a mid 30s female) and found that it was a best kept secret for women with very oily skin! And now I find here a similar experience. Yes! They really ought to market it to ladies!

    1. I'm glad someone else has done this too. Men's products seem to be really good. I might have to try Garnier's now too, thanks for the tip :)

  6. My boyfriend uses this and I steal it all the time, you're right it's a well hidden secret. Once I get over the fact I look like I've rubbed mascara all down my face as I use it, the after effects are amazing and my skin feels so smooth and cleansed. I only use it once in a while cos your right it does make my skin feel tight but it's such a good product.

    Hannah xxx

  7. My boyfriend started using this and I've tried it too - it really cleans my pores. My skin tends to be on the drier side so I alternate using this product with some other cleansers, and I absolutely must use a moisturizer afterwards. Sometimes men's products just work better! - I used to use men's facial shaving gel on my legs because it made them so much softer and less irritated after shaving (I had laser hair removal so I no longer need to suffer through that- yay!). Anyway, this is indeed a great find :)