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The wrath of the weather

Saturday 12 January 2013

It’s my last full day of my University Christmas holiday (my last ever set Christmas holiday come to think of it!), so me and my family decided to visit the grandparents and have a lazy lunch with tea and homemade jam scones. Good, honest bonding time.

Me and my dad decided we needed a walk when we got home to burn off some of that clotted cream, so we headed down to the weir behind my house.
As a kid, my parents would always take me down to the weir to feed the ducks and then we would run across the wooden locks to ‘The eyes’- a protected bird area to errr, scare some bird... we were little kids OK?

However, when we got there, all I can say is how shocked I was. The bank had completely caved in! I could not believe my eyes. You could have previously walked right along the bank and come out at a little pebbled road, but now, we had to turn back. 

We met a rambler along the way who explained that the general thoughts out there are that all the excess rain has caused the banks to become sodden, then with the cold, they have frozen and this repeatedly has eventually caused them to give out. I believe- if my GCSE geography memory is correct (hope so, I did get an A) - that this is freeze-thaw weathering. This has left a good 3 meters in width at parts where the banks have just disappeared into the murky depths.

More worrying though is the housing in the area. Luckily our house isn't that close, but as you can see, one is.

If the father is looking glum over the situation, you know it is sad! 

While I am no eco-warrior, I forget to recycle my cereal packets, I leave my lights on sometimes when I leave the house, it has got me thinking a little. Seeing the effects of the weather on my childhood memories is quite powerful.  Again, while I’m not suddenly going to become a super environmentalist; I selfishly love my easy lifestyle a little too much; I hope to use this to make my 2013 just that little bit greener. Lights off here, walking to the shops there... the little things all add up.

While we couldn't walk end to end, I did sneak back later that evening to get this lovely sunset shot though!

Are you planning to make 2013 greener? Any tips?


  1. The devastation around my neck of the woods is horrendous. I live between 3 rivers, on clay soil and 'they' are continually building on the flood plains :O It is not going to get any better until 'they' stop! I'm pretty good environmentally, we recycle nearly everything - cardboard, glass, plastic, food waste, garden waste etc and we use freecycle alot to off-load things we no longer need. I'm very good at only having the lights on in the room we are in, although I do use 'normal' bulbs as I cannot abide the power saving ones they give me such a bad headache, but hey we can't do it all and as long as we each do a little bit we leave the world a slightly better place for the next generation.