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Coconut S'more Macaroons

Thursday 7 February 2013

While most people may read a magazine, or watch some TV as a break from dissertation writing, I choose instead to look up fatty recipes to make, and later gorge myself on. Over the summer holidays I discovered Food Network on TV, mainly for Nigella, (but I’m also partial to a bit of Ina), and have been a loyal fan of their website ever since. Today I was having a good browse- keyword search ‘Chocolate’ and up came S’mores. I’d heard of S’mores, but being British, I shamefully didn’t actually know what they were. 

Turns out they are simply toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate sandwiched between two ‘graham crackers’ which I also finally learnt are just digestive biscuits over here! 

Sounding simple enough, I knew I had to pimp them out, leading to the creating of the Coconut S’more Macaroon. Mrs Crimble’s Coconut Macaroons are one of my all time favourite biscuits and making them even better is that they are suitable for a strict coeliac diet, as I know having a cousin who is coeliac how hard it is to find treats. However, being a lover of coconut, I also added dried coconut to the mix for added crunch. Of course if you aren’t a coconut fan, you could always use another dried fruit- I quite fancy dried cranberries next time.

To make 3 S’mores, you will need:
  • A pack of Mrs Crimble’s Coconut Macaroons
  • 1 Dairy Milk Chocolate bar
  • 3 Marshmallows
  • Dried Coconut

First pop a piece of chocolate on a upturned macaroon and heat under a medium grill, until the chocolate starts to melt (I gave it a little prod to help the chocolate melt evenly)

Once nearly fully melted, pop on top a marshmallow and return to the grill until the marshmallow is melted and toasty.

Sprinkle on the dried coconut and finish by adding on top a second macaroon, and give a good squeeze to mix and ooze the melted goodness!

Clearly one corner didn’t want to melt!

Best eaten piping hot, so if you can’t find 2 other friends to share... well you know what to do!

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  1. These look so damn tasty!


  2. Oh my, these look too good to be true!! x