Manicure Monday: Japanese Blossom

Monday, 4 February 2013

Today’s nail art inspiration comes from the Japanese Blossom, oh and Pinterest. I’ve become a little obsessed with Pinterest, checking it constantly and oohing and ahhhing over pictures. One such picture was of a beautiful Japanese garden with hanging blossoms. Somehow I can’t see myself being able to snag a plane over there anytime soon, so my nails will have to serve as little reminders instead.

To recreate you will need:
  • YC Expert Last Nail Polish- 134 Pinstripe White
  • Barry M Nail Paint- 294 Cyan Blue
  • Barry M Nail Paint- 150 Red Glitter
  • Avon Nail Wear- Cotton Candy
  • Jessica Custom Nail Colour- 432 Hot Fudge
 Now, the base coat I actually mixed the blue and the white together. This was because I don’t own a pale enough blue (clearly, I know what’s going on my shopping list). However if you own a sort of sky blue, paint all over your nails and let it dry.

Once dry, using a nail art brush or nail art dotter, draw branch like strokes using Hot Fudge. I did various shaped ones to give different effects.

Then using a nail art dotter, dot 4/5 Cotton Candy dots around the end of the branches (think of each dot being a petal).

Then dot a red centre of your blossom flower using Red Glitter.

Finally taking the white colour, add accent dots at the base of the branches.

I’m sorry the photos look a bit... funny today. I’m quite sad they don’t do this nail art half the justice that’s required. I just couldn’t seem to capture them too well. 

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  1. These look awesome! I love pinterest for nail art inspiration!
    Http:// xxx

  2. these are so cute! xx

  3. These are gorgeous, wiSh i was this talented!

  4. so cute! and very clever x


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