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Sam Edelman and my first heels

Sunday 3 February 2013

One of my guilty pleasures is reading the Mail Online. I know it is badly written, often laden with mistakes, it is obsessed by women’s weight, and for some unknown reason has a daily feature of Courtney Stodden, yet I can’t help but read it multiple times a day, and I find myself too bitching about how ‘someone should have called the fashion police on Kelly Osbourne’.

Today, during my browse I came across an article on Sam Edelman’s new campaign featuring Kate Upton.  I am quite a fan of Sam Edelman, as his spiked pumps were what actually inspired me to buy mine which I featured earlier this week. He said in the accompanying interview why women love shoes so much:

'Shoes create a chemical reaction in women…especially heels. Whenever I ask a woman about Sam Edelman [heels], she automatically smiles and tells me the story of her favorite pair.  I’ve found this to be true over and over again. Women can’t help loving shoes and I can’t help loving to make them smile.' 

I found myself smiling just at this quote, as it got me thinking about my first ever pair of heels. I would have been roughly 10 maybe? I’d just won 100 pounds on my primary school summer fate raffle, which my mum, being the ever fair mother, divided it 4 ways between the our family, so I had 25 whole pounds to spend, which to my 10 year old self was the most id ever had. I’d seen a girl in my class, wear a pair of wedges to a party a few weeks back, and everyone had stared, telling her how amazing she looked, how elegant and how grown up, leaving me quite envious.

So I took my money and went to the shops in search of my very own insta-elegance. I remember pouring over row upon row of heels, gazing in wonder at the vast array of choice. Red ones, white ones, black ones. Ones with glitter, ones with bows. Ones with open toes and ones with straps. Never had I seen so much choice!

Finally I settled on a pair of New Look black wedges. They were slip-ons with denim straps, and a little toggle on top! I adored them. I wore them everywhere- I even tried to play football with my cousins in them one time (it didn’t end well).  And you know what? They gave me that feeling. My very own little sophisticated ‘look at me’ moment.

While I’m not actually a fan at all of wedges now, and don’t get me started on the toggle (I was 10 and it was 2002), it was that pair that cemented my forever love of heels.

As Sam said, I automatically smile thinking about my heels, as each pair I own conveys a different chemical reaction in my brain. They all serve a purpose, whether it is to make me feel sexy, edgy or classy, I always feel good about myself in heels.

So thank you Sam for making women everywhere smile. What’s your favorite heel story?

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  1. There is just something about heels isn't there! My first heels story would involve my Mums 1970's heels. I was OBSESSED with a pair of heels which she brought out on very rare occasions. They were skyscraper high (well to my 7 year old self they were), lilac metallic strappy and open toed with a small platform. I would put them on and totter around the house for hours on end. Today they would probably be very coveted and classed as 'vintage' I have no idea what happened to those shoes which is a great shame. My own first pair of heels I got at 13, they were a very pale pink court shoe and the body of the shoe was pleated. Sounds hideous and looking back they probably were! Luckily my tastes and fashion sense have moved on considerably since then ;)

  2. I love the Daily Mail as well, but I always find myself smirking at their spelling mistakes / grammatical errors! And WHY do they love Courtney Stodden so much!
    Haha... Great post babe :)

    Http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xx