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Singles Awareness Day

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Box of chocolate, $20, dinner for two, $80, dozen roses, $100, being single this year on Valentine's Day and saving $200, PRICELESS! ~Unknown

I was unsure whether at first to name this post anti Valentine’s Day, as it isn’t really about being single, but I thought it a little harsh. I have nothing against Valentine’s day, and no I’m not one of those sad singletons all ‘woe is me’ on the 14th, but you have to admit even the most secure single girl gets a little peeved off around this time. It’s just the over emphasis, the hearts, the flowers EVERYWHERE. My university is even having a Valentine’s day market! (Although secretly I’m quite looking forward to it, simply for the home baked desserts that have been promised). Plus why do couples get to have all the fun on Thursday? I want some salmon encroute followed by decadent chocolate fondants! 

While many bloggers are posting about how to create the perfect Valentines evening, this year, me and my girls are doing the tongue in cheek Singles Awareness Day. So here’s my guide.

While couples get hiked up prices in restaurants, usually decorated in some heart shaped masterpiece (I kid you not I've experienced a heart shaped burger!), what actually could be better than a good take away? Whether it is Chinese or Pizza, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you treat yourself. 

Everything in moderation, right?

However, there will be no dinner suits or fancy cocktail dresses, oh no, the latest haute couture (although current fashion week may disagree) is the ONESIE! They are unbelievably comfy, and when some come with cat ears... well. I'm sold. Get it on now!

Grab yourself some Blondie’s, Ben and Jerry’s and a good bottle of wine, which by the way will be about 60% cheaper than in a restaurant.

So this is 'Singles day', but are we haggard spinsters? F@%K no! Face masks, massage rollers, and nail polish are on the cards. Indulgent pampering is required.

Now who can make us laugh our (big) pants off and remind anyone who is, God forbid feeling sorry for themselves, feel better? Bridget Jones of course!

Yet finally what is actually the point of all this? No this isn’t some depressive I hate couples/ Valentines/ [insert other lovey word here] backlash. This is about the one thing that will stay consistent throughout your entire relationship history... your friends. Number one thing to grab is your closet mates, invite them over and do the above. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are single or not really, a few of my friends are in relationships, yet who can resist a girl’s slumber party? Remember, your relationships will go through ups and downs, so who’s going to be there to pass you the tissues? Your friends of course. I might start a petition for Best friend’s day next year...

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  1. I absolutely hate Valentines Day! I wrote a post about why my boyfriend and I never celebrate it and got called bitter! There's just no need for half the population to be smug, and the other half pissed off and sad! I love the best friends day idea :) Xx

    1. That is terrible that you got called bitter! I mean if people want to celebrate it, then thats fine, but I do not like the over the top, in your face-ness of it either. I hope you had a good day though, onesies, Chinese takeouts and facemasks for me with the girlies :)

  2. Hey, I will also be spending Valentines with my best friend! Well, half of the day. I am in a relationship, however friendship is just as important to me. That's why the other half gets half a day and the other half-day goes to my BFF!
    Valentines is a bit overrated I think.
    I sign for the Best Friends Day too!

    1. I love the half and half idea! Did you do anything nice with your friends?
      I think we should definatly start a best friends day! :)

  3. This is so cute! A bunch of my girlfriends, single and taken, are celebrating this weekend by going to a Valentine's Day themed pub crawl. It should be a blast!

    xx Kait

    ChickadeeSays Facebook

  4. Im not a fan of Valentines Day either, even though I actually am in a relationship! Me and my boyfriend stayed in and got pizza takeaway too! So much better ;) xx