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YSL Touche Eclait Vs L'Oréal Touche Magique

Monday 18 February 2013

If I had to some up what being a student, currently midway through final year feels like, I’d probably say broke.

There just seems to be so many outgoings lately, mainly train journeys to graduate interviews, but also the all important graduation gown. However sometimes when you’re staring into ANOTHER bowl of Tesco Basic tomato soup, you just need to treat yourself. So over the weekend I purchased a bottle of YSL Paris eau du parfum, which is my night time fragrance, but also I also thought about trying something new, something classic, something legendary.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat

I already use a similar imitation product by L'Oréal Paris called True Match Touche Magique Concealer, which actually I have no problems with, but I thought why settle for OK, when I could have amazing?

However, actually, despite its legendary status, I’m quite, well, unimpressed. Now it’s not to say it isn’t good, not at all, it does cover my dark circles, and give a healthy glow, but… nothing more than L'Oréal achieved. 

Therefore let me walk you through both products…

Now yes, YSL does hands down win in style and luxury. I did receive this gorgeous gift box with my purchases, which I will be using for storing various things.

The product it’s self does too come boxed, however packaging alone really should hold that much influence, especially if money is a factor

Again the design of the product will always be won by YSL, it just looks expensive, and the gold shines in the light, unlike L'Oréal which does look cheaper, and gets quite grubby after a while.

YSL uses a push button to pump product onto a brush, L'Oréal uses a click wheel effect. Both are very simple and I have no preference.

Now in terms of the brush, there is nothing wrong with the L'Oréal version, and i have been quite happily using it for years, I did notice the difference with the YSL one. It is much smoother and better quality. The L'Oréal tends to split off, while the YSL holds together, minimising visible brush lines.

However of course the proof is in the pudding. I chose to buy the original Touche Éclat, although they do now do different shades. As you can see from the picture the two products are different colours. On the left is Touche Éclat and on the right is Touche Magique. The Touche Magique was actually closer to my face skin tone (although the other way round for my hand), as I did find the YSL a little too rosy in tone for my skin, as I am very pale with icy undertones, rather than a warm complexion. The YSL was also thinking in texture which while shows quality, it actually hindered it when being applied to the face, as I didn’t want a thick product on my face giving me a cake’d on look. Both blended in well and were not visible to the general observer, although as said, the L’Oreal one was a closer match for me.

Overall while both were great, I didn’t find much to different, and therefore from a purely cost perspective, the L’Oreal one wins.

I wanted to highlight this, as I know being a student sometimes with a tight budget can feel disheartening, especially when you read people buying new, luxury products. And yes, of course we all need to treat ourselves, but if you are on a budget, I would suggest splashing out on maybe something with more of a look value, rather than a product, as a nice new bag people will see, but a concealer, I found no visible difference, and so no one else will be non the wiser, and to be honest, nor was I.

Don’t worry, student life doesn’t last forever. Just think, if you put in the work, get a good degree, hopefully we’ll all be laughing to the bank soon... or on second thoughts, maybe we’ll just have to find a rich husband!


  1. Oh I agree YSL does look so much nicer- much more luxurious, but sometimes when the money is tight, alternatives have to be found.
    Bring on post student days... oh wait... student debt :P

  2. I've used both and I prefer the YSL one, is much better quality and the brush is more softer and gentler on the skin. good to know you found a an alternative that you got on well with x