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Cheese and Wine party

Saturday 2 March 2013

On Wednesday evening, one of my fellow Enactus members hosted a Cheese and Wine party. A party dedicated especially to cheese and wine? I think Christmas had come again for me.

Now I had a small confession to make. I’m quite new to the wine scene. It is only in the last year since I was working in London did I develop a taste for wine. Now it wasn’t that I drank WKD or anything, god no, I was rather fond of a good Whiskey to be honest, however when I started going to business lunches, asking for a Whiskey at 12 o’clock wasn’t exactly appropriate. (Although Whiskey got me in good books at after work drinks).

So bringing a wine to a party was quite new, however with the help of a friend I brought Louis Max Pouilly Fuisse 2010. Described to me as being full bodied, with notes of fruit, it is light enough to drink as part of a selection at a wine party. Also I was told it was perfect with Goat’s cheese. Sounded just what I needed.

Now cheese wise, I am much more accustomed to. Whenever I went to Borough market, I headed straight to the cheese and bread stalls.

We had a beautifully semi creamy Crofton goats cheese, an award winning Lancaster smoked hard cheese, Camembert 'Le Rustique' and many more. But my personal favourite was the Wensleydale, apricot and ginger. There was something about the ginger that just transformed the entire taste to another level.

I could have eaten the entire cheese board it was so delicious, which with the amount of wine was probably a smart move. Over the course of the evening we talked shop, (Enactus- I agree, the best ideas are done over food and drink!) how our University life is nearly at an end, and also B’s amazing Cravat!

Defiantly my type of evening, I haven’t laughed that much in ages. Plus, I think my taste for wine is growing even more- I’m maturing... or just ageing!

Any favourite wines you would recommend to a newbie like me?

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  1. I hope you enjoyed!
    Great photos! :-))


  2. A cheese and wine in one party? What could you possibly ask for more?!? Cheese is the one of the best parts of wine. If you the experimental-type. why don't you try a 1961 Berlucchi Rose Cuvee wine, it has a seductive scent of wild berryfruit and tea biscuits and it's perfect partner of crema di piselli. A simple recipe of cream of fresh garden peas with crayfish and prawns, cherry tomatoes and just a drizzle of olive oil. >> Corey Glenn @ ColonialSpiritsDelivers.com