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Azuni Gold Ring Necklace

Thursday 11 April 2013

Like a moth to a flame, a magpie to silver, I am attracted to jewellery.

A piece of statement jewellery can make an outfit, but cheap jewellery can break it. You can tell great craftsmanship from the look and feel, with the intricacy and attention to detail.

If you follow me on Twitter or read my last blog post, you’ll know on Sunday I went to  #NorthMeetUp. Throughout the day there were spot prizes, and I was lucky enough to win, so naturally I chose this gorgeous necklace by Azuni.  Ashley Marshall, founder and designer of Azuni is a man after my own heart. He was actually a chef working in The Dorchester and The Ivy before turning to Jewellery design. A man who cooks and designs Jewellery? Can I have your number?

Necklace- Azuni
Leather look top- Zara
Red Coated jeans- Zara
Orange blazer- Zara
(I think I'm singlehandedly keeping Zara in business)

I’ve never been one to play it safe either when it comes to fashion. I love to mix up textures and clash colours. An orange blazer, with red jeans? Why not? Just ask yourself, what would Olivia do? (Palermo- The final word on fashion in my eyes). That’s why the delicate nature of the necklace works so well with the touch leather of the top, it creates texture and layers to draw the eye.

Azuni has top clientele, having been worn by Kate Middleton, so I feel I’m in good company.

I love the tiny blue hematite beads and the 24 ct gold plated rings with their embossed detail, as it feels very Mediterranean, the only bit of sun I think I’m going to experience for a while!

To see some of their other designs, go to their website.
Or you can buy the necklace from here.

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  1. Love the blazer! x

  2. Good information dear. Some more interesting stuff about Gold Necklace Jewelery Designs to share

  3. love the red blazer! :D


  4. Beautiful outfit! You look stunning.

  5. What a pretty gold cocktail necklace! Fall in love with them in the first sight! Thank you so much for your sharing!

  6. Pretty Gold Necklace I really like it Thanks for sharing