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Manicure Monday: Kiss Nail Wrap

Monday 15 April 2013

I’ve haven’t done a Manicure Monday post in quite a while. The reason for this? My nails fell off? I developed an intolerance to nail varnish? Nope. Just sheer laziness.

Which happens to be half the reason why this Manicure Monday is slightly different. Slightly cheaty.

Nail wraps have been out for a long time now, so I’m pretty sure you will have all heard of them. Yet as a lover of painting my nails myself, I’ve never quite felt the need to try them before. However after receiving a pair at the #NorthMeetUp, I thought I should break my lazy streak, and give them a go.

These are Kiss Nail Wrap in Fashion Strips KWN12. There are 18 nail wraps in the pack which are essentially stickers of varnish which peel of a plastic sheet and press over your nail. There are 18 so that you can find the right size for your nails or in case you tear one… not that I did or anything…

The instructions say to peel back, stick as close to your cuticle as possible, bend the wrap over the edge of the nail and file off the excess, with the handy file included. Simple enough.

However they are a little more difficult to align and put on than that. As they are so sticky, and thin, it was a little awkward trying to align them without creasing or causing air pockets, however after a couple it does get easier. Patience was never my strong point.

My over all impressions are that they are very pretty designs, and do look really good actually. My mum was most impressed, and I can see their appeal to those who don’t have the steady hand nail art requires.

However I do have 2 negatives about them. The first is filing off the excess isn’t as easy or as neat as I expected. I’ve been sort of left with a rough edge which doesn’t smooth down, making them look a little untidy. 

However, it is the sizing though that causes the main issues. I didn’t think I had particular wide nails yet none of the wraps completely covered my nails, leaving gaps at the side. While it isn’t such an issue with the pale colour of these wraps, any other bright colour would clearly show the gaps.

From a distance they do look very impressive, and I really like their ease of use, it’s just a shame they don’t quite fit my nails.

I would recommend these, only if you have slim nails though.
Personally for me? I’ll be back on the nail art next week, don’t you worry! 

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  1. Ohh these do look pretty. It's a shame they don't fit too well though, that's definitely annoying isn't it? Still look gorgeous though x

  2. Awww it's a shame they didn't fit very well! They look so pretty too.

  3. I have trouble with the sizing of wraps before and it's completely put me off them which is a shame cos some of the patterns are so lovely. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has these issues I was starting to think I had crazy wide nails!

    Hannah xx