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Study Break

Sunday 21 April 2013

That dreaded time has arrived. Exam time. Cue menacing villain music.

I’m currently in my final year at university, and after 4 long years, this is it. Crunch time, D day, the end. It’s been like a marathon, and right now I’m in my last mile, the hardest, but the one you put all your last bit of effort into to make the previous worth it.

So I’m going on a little blogging break so I can put all my heart and soul into my work. But don’t you worry, I’ll be back on the 5th June, when I will have finished my last ever exam.

So wish me luck, and talk to you all very soon.
Laura x

P.S I’ll leave you with a snippet of my life from Instagram- yes, I am writing a final year computer science essay with a Disney Princess pencil case...

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  1. Good luck with your exams :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  2. Eek, tomorrow marks the end of my final ever week at uni so I know how you're feeling. Good luck with your exams!!

    http://nataliewrites.co.uk x

  3. All the very best of luck! Go knock their socks off kiddo, you can do it :) x

  4. Good luck in your exams hun, it'll fly by and then you've got the whole world in front of you! :) Was really lovely to meet you last night!
    Rosy x x