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Get The Label: GTLurbanparty

Monday 6 May 2013

Ok, so I know I said I was having a total blogging break to concentrate on my studies, well... turns out I needed a break from my break. When you start to know the wood grain details on your library desk, it’s time for a change of scene. So when an invite came from the lovely people at Get The Label to attend a Urban Hip Hop Party, well I couldn’t resist.

C/O Jay Cain photographer- Most photos are mine, but some are from the official photographer, simply because he was good not to include!

I will admit, I wasn’t too sure if I’d heard of Get The Label before, it sounded familiar, but I hadn’t bought anything.

The event was hosted at 2022 Dale Street which is a basement event space with an urban warehouse feel. When I arrived I felt I’d been transported to an edgy Manhattan art preview, which accompanied by the urban beats, and the immediate ‘let’s get you some champagne’ made for a winner.

C/O Jay Cain

On display was a selection of Get The Labels spring/ summer collection, which they have just launched. Get The Label offers well known brands at a fraction of the cost- up to 75% in allot of cases. Being a subsidiary of JD Sports, I was worried it might all be sporty wear, which really isn’t me, but I was pleasantly surprised. They had pretty summer dresses and heels, which of course I made a bee line for. There were the classics, such a Bench Jeans and Nike teeshirts, which I personally avoided, but I had my eye on a fab Rare dress. Get The Label has some great brands like Apple Bottom, Religion and Motel, and on the website, I've spotted Hunter Wellies, V Fest gear that wouldn’t make me cry into my credit card statement.

Throughout the evening we got the chance to pick out clothes from the new collection, and put together an outfit with a chance of winning the entire thing. Personally I am more of a trend lover, so wanted to prove that you could make trends out of classics. I paired an organza flower dress (Remarkable reminiscent of one Topshop did in mint) with a black sweater over the top. I cinched it in at the waist with a belt and added a necklace. If available I would have added a big underskirt to give some volume to the dress.

Sadly I didn’t win, but me and my model formed a lifelong bond...

C/O Jay Cain
Top- H&M
Blazer- Primark
Necklace- Topshop
Shorts- Topshop
Heels- Topshop

C/O Jay Cain 
Me, Victoria and Rosy

C/O Jay Cain

Of course, being me, my fashion eyes were soon overshadowed by my foodie nose, and of I went straight to the canapés.

Seeing as I was photographed at #northmeetup with a cupcake, well I thought I might as well keep up the tradition.

There was also the chance to do a blog brag, which made me realise I’ll never be a TV star. I think I did about 4 takes, and in the end I spoke for all of about 20 seconds. If they decide to release the hash I made, I’ll post it on here so you can have a giggle.

C/O Jay Cain

I also got to catch up with the lovely Victoria form In The Frow, who I met at the #northmeetup, and meet some new gorgeous girls. 

Clara and me

Me and Megan

Overall I had a blast of a time, the team at Get The Label were really friendly, and were happy for me to chat to them about what they did, and how they got involved (nosey parker aren’t I? It’s the inner networker, I can’t help it!). We were looked after so well, I can’t thank them enough.

I’ll always be honest with you though, as I would hate this blog if it become commercialised, which I won’t let it! There were some great pieces, and honestly the price for the brands, such as Rare Opulance are amazing. If you do love your classics, Get The Label is for you. However, on a day to day basis i'm more... quirky, as evident by my sequin shorts and Velcro heels!

However, I’ve just spied a tribal bikini set for 6.99 on their website- 7 pound for top and bottoms! Crikey! This may be my incentive to actually bother book a holiday now.

You can find Get The Label here, or on Facebook here to see more of the events pictures.

Also during the month of May, you can have free UK delivery on me: Just use code UBPFD

Well, before that thought, its back to the library for me. Like Cinderella after midnight... ooh maybe I’ll meet a gorgeous prince hidden between the book shelves. Now that’s motivation!

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  1. You look so gorgeous! I love your hair and the outfit looks so glamorous. Looks like a great event, hope you enjoyed it! :)

    Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. Aw thank you so much love, thats so kind of you. It was a fabulous event, a great little revision breaker too! x

  2. this looks funn!! great post hun.. if you have a moment, i'd love if you could check out my latest post, thanks x



  3. This looks like an absolute blast, I am so very envious! Glad I came across your blog, clicking follow and looking forward to lots more posts Missy ^^

    I'm currently running a MAC giveaway over at my haul-oholic.blogspot.com blog if you fancy popping over to say hello.

    Toodles for now :)

    1. Thanks ever so much. Well I assure you I'll be back doing more posts very soon, just once Ive finished my exams. I've been living the library- life of a forth year! Cant wait to get back blogging.

      I'll be sure to check out your blog :)