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The Alchemist's Apprentice

Monday 27 May 2013

I’m back! Oh I have missed blogging. But needs must, I’ve had a pretty hellish time with my finals recently, and I know I said I wasn’t going to be back until the 5th when I will have finished, I just couldn’t last that long. I’ve only got 1 left now, so I thought that was good enough!

Feeling pretty frazzled, full of fried chicken, red bull, coffee and chocolate, I couldn’t last too much longer in study mode, so me and a couple of my girlfriends decided to treat ourselves and went out for dinner and cocktails to The Alchemist in Manchester.

The Alchemist has a bit of a reputation around the North West of being the place to be seen. Men in suits, women in ity bity dresses. Its part chemistry, part mixology, muddled together to create a swanky bar. If science was this fun a school, who knows maybe I’d be some half baked nutty professor by now.

The gorgeous B and R.

We arrived early for our table so we decided to start as we meant to go on, and get a round of cocktails in.  B zoned straight in on one of the coolest things Id seen in a while- The colour changing one. It arrived in 2 conical flasks, with instructions to add the blue first then add the clear.

Like something out of Harry Potter the drink billowed smoke and turned bright pink.

It made mine and R’s rather dull, although still seriously scrummy. English cherry sour and the classic Pina Colada.

We then settled down for dinner. We all opted for Nachos to start, and then R decided to have The New Yorker Sandwich, while B went healthy and had a salad.

What did I do?

Prime aged beef burger with cracked black pepper, BBQ sauce, cheese AND bacon... oh and chips. Well it’s not like I haven’t been eating for 4 lately or anything...

The food was nice, but it felt rather like the sideline event, the needs must in the story, because soon we were back on the cocktails.

And boy did we step it up a gear.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was from the heart of what The Alchemist is about.  Crafted in their laboratory, drinking just got serious with molecular mixology. Or more rightly open mouthed trickery!

Russian Standard vodka with St Germain Elderflower liqueur, Cointreau, citron gomme muddled with water, they set it up on our table, looking rather suspicious... ‘Do you smoke it?’ was an instagram comment. Lighting a bunsen burner, it was left to boil up and infused with fresh fruit. Once done, it was served up in all its smoking glory in teacups.

And no was the answer to could we keep one!

Of course we had to get one last round in. Bubble gum daiquiri- with popping candy; caramelised rum punch and a French martini. Oh the caramelised rum punch was seriously delicious.  It had dark, deep taste to it, quite something, like nothing I’ve tasted before.

But before long we had to head back for the train, as Ive still got revision for my last exam to do. Not long to go through at all- that thought is keeping me going.

We went to The Alchemist on New York street but there is also one on Springfield’s or now one in Leeds Trinity. It was one of m best nights out in ages, and id thoroughly thoroughly recommend it.

Now If anyone ask ill be in the library, obviously not playing with my new chemistry set...

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  1. I love the alchemist! Its such a fun evening. I always sit there in amazement at all the fun things on the menu!


    1. It was brilliant. I'd never been before, but heard so much about it. I'm definatly going to go back. I might check out the Spinningfeilds one next time x

  2. You all ladies look so pretty..



  3. This looks beyond amazing!! I need to get my booty back to Englad to go to this place!
    Looks like you ladies had amazing time :)

    1. Yes, when you do, you must go, it was so much fun x

  4. I've been to The Alchemist in Leeds for food and agreed that it was nice but nothing to shout home about... I didn't get to try the cocktails last time since it was a work night but I'm planning a trip asap so I can give them a whirl! They look incredible :)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  5. Oh those drinks look like they should be in Harry Potter, this looks like such a fun evening!



  6. I need to go here! Was it really expensive? :(

    1. Average price for a city centre cocktail bar up north really. Cocktails started at 6.95