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Saturday, 29 June 2013

After all the stress of exams, and then all the post partying, me and my flatmates decided to go take some down time in Center Parcs. Wide open countryside, the birds chirping, squirrels running freely amongst the people. No better way to celebrate and wind down after the mania of the last few months- wait scratch that, last 4 years!


We went to Whinfell forest which is up in the Lake District. I had never been to a Centre Parcs before so had no idea what to expect, except my slightly warped pre judgement that it was for families with little kids.It is 400 acres of pure unspoilt forest; give or take the log cabins and water park, where no cars are allowed to be driven around except Monday or Friday. The accommodation are the most adorable wooden cabins nestled amongst the trees, and yes, if you do leave your back door open, a friendly squirrel may try to join you for dinner! 




There are so many activities that you can do at Centre Parcs, whether you want a full on exhilarating adventure such as quad biking, tree top climbing or zip firing through the trees. Or for the more gentle natured, there is a spa, house drawn carriage rides and plenty of bars.

We spent most of the week in the pool, racing each other down the slides, braving the wave pool and then relaxing in the Jacuzzi.

However when 8 sort of still students come together, there is always going to be competition! 




Also the lads had to prove their manliness and play Forest Laser Quest! They came back absolutely battered and bruised as of course they took it very seriously! There was even strategies and plans!



Centre Parcs can prove expensive, especially if you eat out every night, however we made the most of the good weather and had a good ol’ British BBQ, complete with burgers and chops. So my mouth was in heaven. Give me anything chargrilled any day! I even re-did my Coconut S'more Macaroons for everyone. 


If you follow me on Instragram you will already have seen my perfection of a chop!

However, let’s be honest, if you know anything about me by now, you know I love to eat out, and so on the last night we went for it, and we really did. We decided to go to the American Diner called Hucks. Complete with retro booths, and metal milkshake flasks. 

Everyone decided it was time to go naughty and get down to business with the double cheese and bacon burger, but one chicken, one beef. If you haven't tried that combo- just do it. Its revolutionary. 


Look at that!

However last minute I changed my mind and went for the pulled piggy burger. Pulled pork sandwiched on a 100% beef burger layered with bacon and smothered in cheese AND onion rings.



Oh dear lord! Pure filth! 

I probably should have stopped there but did I? Hell no. Chocolate peanut butter stack just called out to me from the kitchen.


The next and final day we decided we probably should go work off some of those fries and so headed down to the badminton courts. Turns out I'm not so good. But one thing I am good at is...


...Eating! After a oh so strenuous game, we went to the pancake house and I ordered the breakfast pancake, complete with egg bacon, mushroom and a side of beans. Oh it was good. Even if I could barely move afterwards.


Sadly we then had to be out of the site and so we packed up the car and headed back to university. After the week up at Center Parcs I am defiantly I convert. It certainty isn't just for little kids. Hey, I might even be warming to outdoor life too. Well I had better with festival season coming up! 

Here is the Center Parcs website in case you like the sound of it and fancy knowing more.

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  1. Hi

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog <3 lovin this post its very engaging and informative, Center Parcs looks like very fun place to be and the food looks tasty too.


    1. No problem at all. Glad you liked my post :) xx

  2. Beautiful place and the food looks amazing. Following you hope you following back.

  3. nice post, seems like a really beautiful place:)X

  4. I adore centre parcs, it's so nice to relax and just enjoy peoples company, fab post!


    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. Exactly, spend time with my university family, but just get away from all the crazy university life! xx

  5. Woow, what a lovely place! thats so beautiful, and the food... well lets just say I need a snack now, LOL.


    1. I know right? I really want to go back just for the food! xx

  6. Nice pics!
    Have a nice weekend! Kisses...Petra
    Follow me!

  7. congrats on finishing your exams! and great post, looks like such a fun time.


  8. I used to come here when I was little this has brought back so many memories! It looks like u had a lovely time!
    Love your blog header so cute! :) x

  9. Great post! I am about to follow you, maybe you could head over to my blog and follow me too? PS- Love the design of your blog!!!!!!

    1. Oh sweetie! You posted this exact same comment on a previous post of mine. And I'm already following you...

  10. I visited Whinfell over the Christmas period and it was beautiful. Really relaxing and loads to do. I did visit the pancake house but after looking at that photo I wish I had!

    I love your blog, just started following you :)


  11. this look beautiful! I've never been tempted by centre parks before but i think i just have! Where abouts is this one? x

    1. I was exactly the same, Center Parcs has always seemed so kid oriented to me before, but I was out voted, and I'm glad I was. :)
      We went to Whinfell which is in the Lake District

  12. Looks like you had a great time, great thing to do to chill after exams. I have never been to a centre parcs but this one looks lovely!
    Daisy Dayz

  13. Woah, this place looks like it was a great time. And all that food looks so good!



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