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End of an era celebrations

Friday 7 June 2013

As the clock struck 4’oclock, the deathly silence was broken by the sound of ‘Please put down your pens and stop writing, the exam is now over’. 

This was the sound that marked the end of my university education. 

To celebrate, a couple of my oldest friends from back home drove up to see me and spend the night, eating, dancing and celebrating. 

The plan was for them to meet me outside my exam hall with a large cocktail, but due to Becky’s contact lens falling out part way down the motorway, especially rendering her blind (you can’t make this up), after an emergency stop, it was a little while later. So the tour of the university would have to wait for another time, we had celebrating to catch up on.

Dress: Ringpun from Get The Label
Belt: River Island

The first order on the agenda was of course food, so I took my friends into town and to one of my favourite local restaurants called Blue Moon. They do the moment gorgeously presented Thai food, and while I’ve never had Thai food anywhere else to compare it too, I think its top notch, and excellent quality.

For starters I had Prawn Toast, Becky had Vegetable Tempura and Rachel had Prawn Tempura.

For mains I had the Duck Curry which was a fruity red curry mixed with pineapples and green grapes amongst other things. It was absolutely delicious. Sweet, but with the slight hint of chilli to stop it being too much.

Becky chose Pad Met Ma Muang which was a stir-fried dish of chicken with cashews, peppers, spring onions and a hint of chilli.

Rachel had Pad Namman Hoi which is again a stir-fried chicken dish with pepper, mushroom and spring onions but in an oyster sauce. We also shared sticky and jasmine rice with it.

After practically licking out plates clean, we moved onto not Oscar’s as I intended but Mint Cocktail bar instead. I love Oscar’s cocktails so of course, it had a standard to meet, and while the cocktails were good, Oscar’s still gets my vote. However, does it matter? Sometimes it’s only your company that matters, and tonight my friends had come especially to see me, so we ate, drank, and were merry! Plus, after casually telling the bar tender I’d finished university, free champagne didn’t hurt!

Out final note of the agenda was of course the Student Union. It wouldn’t be right to celebrate finishing university without going to the student union! So we then took off, and danced to night away.

In the morning of course we were all tired and a little bleary eyed, but I woke up happy, and care free. No more stressing about revision, exams, or having to drag my aching body out of bed to the library for 8 o’clock. Plus I woke up surrounded by 2 amazing friends. What better feeling could I have right now?

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  1. Oh my GOSH. The Thai place looks amazing. Prawn toast is one of my most favourite things... in fact you've made me reaaally want some! ;)

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven

  2. I absolutely love your dress - great colours! Also, highly jealous of the beautiful Thai food you had! A lovely post for an evidently fantastic evening! Congratulations on finishing university!

    Yinyin xx

  3. Congratulations on finishing :) And you have made me so hungry!!!

  4. Congrats on finishing uni!

  5. Thanks everyone for your lovely congratulations comments xx