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Adult (Big Kids) Soft Play Area

Sunday 25 August 2013
Adult soft play (2)

Being a kid was amazing. Running around the park, swinging from trees, grazed knees and muddy hands. Then there were the birthday parties with the bouncy castles, the party games and not forgetting the jelly and ice cream. We had it all didn’t we? Know what? Being a grown up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

So given the opportunity, who wouldn’t want to want to be a big kid? And that’s what I did last night, as I spent the evening at an adult soft play area. Ohhh dreams do come true sometimes.

My mum works for a local charity; Playability who put on play schemes for children with severe and profound disabilities. I used to volunteer when I was in high school, and I cannot stress enough what an absolutely amazing charity it is. The staff and volunteers are absolute saints as it is an incredibly hard job. So every year at the end of summer Playability take them all somewhere as a thank you, and this year they chose Jelly Beans an indoor soft play area. 

By day it is a standard ids play area, but by night the lights dim, the music starts to thump hard, and the adults come out to play. 

Adult soft play (5)

Better still, while everyone wants to play being big kid, the adult competitive streak is still there, so what do they do? They give us guns. Laser tag in a giant soft play area! 

Adult soft play (3)

They even locked us in. Clearly things were getting serious…

Lazer tag (3)

…Yep, defiantly serious.

Lazer tag (7)

But fear not I was prepared. Battle stations!

Adult soft play (6) Adult soft play (9) Lazer tag (2) Lazer tag (4) Lazer tag (8)

OK, coming second to last was not how I envisaged this. Time to get my COD on!

Adult soft play (7) Lazer tag Lazer tag (5) Lazer tag (6) IMG_7233 Adult soft play (10)

We crouched round the giant foam beams, skipped over the wonky planks, flung ourselves down the zip wire until we yielded in a breathless heap, After literally burning up a sweat for nearly 2 hours- how did I do this as a kid?- we spied another opportunity to flex some healthy competition. The climbing wall. 

Adult soft play (4)

Now after being a guide in my younger days and going on quite a few adventure days, I was pretty confident in my ability. 

Climbing wall Climbing wall (2) Climbing wall (3) Climbing wall (4)

What I didn’t anticipate was my OWN MOTHER beating me. She is a climbing wall God!

Adult soft play (8)

Of course, every adults dream is to dive right into that ball pool. I just couldn’t resist it.

After last night who wants to be an adult I say, I think I’d much rather go back to playing in ball pools, climbing trees and making mud pies. Forget this office working lark! Who’s with me?

I went to Jelly Beans in Warrington,
If you are in the area, make sure you book a session. You wont regret it.

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  1. I NEED to go.

    Frances xx


  2. Oh my god this looks so fun! Haha

    L x

  3. It look like so much fun wish I was there to play.
    Have a great Sunday no need to come over no new post today.

  4. This looks like a ridiculous amount of fun!!
    I'm pretty sure there's an adult soft play area near me but I've never had the opportunity to go. I want to though!


  5. Omg real life COD! I must go to this place! Lets see if my countless hours of playing COD will pay off! haha xx


  6. haha! I need to go here!!<3 This looks so fun!:D

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    Just to let you know, I am running a giveaway on my blog at the moment, so if you haven't done so already, please visit my blog and take a look..


    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  7. I love these pics! It looks like you guys a ball! :)

  8. Amazing! There should be more places like this round the country. I went to one with my nephew and I swear I had more fun than him!

    Rebecca x

  9. Ur mom is amazing for her charity work :) And this place looks like a whole lotta fun & def cool!

  10. I did a similar thing in Swansea years ago and loved it - any excuse to act like a kid again!

  11. Great post

    OMG how much fun!!!


  12. This place looks like a heaven on the earth for the kids to have fun.There should be more places like this round the country.

  13. Where about is this? Is this in London?

    I am on my way.... this looks AMAZING