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Birthday at Browns

Friday 23 August 2013
Browns Manchester (8)

On Wednesday it was my birthday. I kind of like to make a big deal of birthdays. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste to, but I wake up nice and early, spring out of bed, indulge in a scrummy breakfast of whatever tickles my fancy (because calories do not count on birthdays… duh!) and wait slightly impatiently by the letter box. I get all excited and giddy about a day that let’s be honest here, is dedicated to me. One day when I can justify saying no to doing anything remotely chore like.

While I did get many suggestions on twitter from you guys of hosting a kid’s party complete with bouncy castle, jelly and ice-cream and goodie bags, I decided rather maturely to go out for dinner with my closest friends to Browns in Manchester.

Browns Manchester

Browns Bar and Brasserie is set in one of Manchester’s former banking halls, with opulent art, nouveau detailing, double height ceilings, marble pillars, clean, black lines, and to top it off a sleek grand piano. It screams Manchester’s young professionals.

Browns Manchester (3)

I firmly believe presents should be given with great care and attention. Anyone can splash the cash and buy an expensive gift, but when it is something personal and meaningful to that individual then it becomes far more valuable. On Wednesday I scored the jackpot on that front. My oldest friend Becky bought me a Pandora Camera charm, as let’s be honest with my blog, I am permanently attached to my camera, often to the detest of my dates. 


From my former university flatmates? Well, just look! 

Get rich blogging

You cannot get any more perfect! So watch this space, you never know I may be implementing a few wise words from Zoe soon.

Browns Manchester (2)

For starters we ranged from venison slices to lobster croquets, all paired with equally delicious cocktails of course. Mine is a French Martini or a Singapore sling if anyone’s buying by the way.

Browns Manchester (7)
Browns Manchester (6)
Browns Manchester (5)
Browns Manchester (4)
Browns Manchester (13)
Pork belly

The pork belly is honestly to die for. It literally melted in my mouth, and the apples were soft, sweet but tart enough to cut through the richness of the pork.

Browns Manchester (12)
Browns Manchester (11)

With cocktails and food aplenty, it was a great way to catch up with all my friends. Having graduated in July, most of us have all gone in opposite directions across the country, with Nessa being in bloomin’ Portsmouth! Also I have less than 2 weeks left in my home town, as on the 1st September I am moving to London to start my career and without getting deep, the rest of my life. So I will also be leaving behind my home friends too. It’s strange really as it was also the last time I’ll get everyone in the same room together for quite a while I am guessing. 

Browns Manchester (10)
Browns Manchester (9)

My dress is my new cheeky little purchase from Topshop. I couldn't resist the eclectic print. Plus the loose style hides a food baby perfectly. 

Dark chocolate brownie

Even though I really didn’t need dessert I just can’t resist something sweet. I am firmly in the dessert camp when it comes to starter vs. dessert (I’m sorry sugar or more savoury? How can you compare?)  So when the desert menu even had a section dedicated just for brownies, well that just sold it (and remember calories do not count on birthdays). Even better, a little birdie told Browns it was my birthday and out came my dessert with a cold glass of champagne and my own little birthday message.

Browns Manchester (15)
Browns Manchester (14)
Browns Manchester (16)

I have no idea what next year’s birthday is going to be like. Right now I have no idea where I will be on that day, who I will be with, but right now, I  know I want to be with these beautiful friends (and my family) because it’s the in material relationships that are most important as we pass each birthday.  

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome birthday! The food looks way too good :) xx

  2. awww! Looks like you had a lovely time:)

    Happy birthday:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  3. Happy Birthday :) looks like you had an amazing time!
    I'm moving to Manchester in September and can't wait to try out loads of new restaurants. Browns looks lovely. xx

    1. Really? Oh yes you must go to it! A definite recommendation xx

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful the images look great and your look like you were company by pretty ladies. Hope you enjoy your day to the fullest.

  5. wow I want that book!! What a cute idea! I've been to a browns before but in another town :) xx


    1. ps . happy birthday :) xxx

    2. I'd never been before, but yes they have them everywhere. will have to go to the ones in London now xx

  6. Happy Birthday. You did have a great time.

  7. It looks like you had such a lovely birthday celebration! Happy Belated!! I can never resist dessert, ever, plus it looks decadent :)!

  8. You've made me hungry! Looks amazing! :)



  9. you look so pretty! glad you had a great birthday!

    xo Sarah

  10. This is soo sweet! Happy belated birthday! The food looks to die for!

  11. Happy Birthday, you looked gorgeous! Good luck for moving to London, it's an amazing city :) Are you moving on your own? I've recently moved there!

    Laura from Fashion For 21

  12. A lovely lovely warming post! Happy birthday dear, the girls look gorgeous, the food and drink looks amazing! xx

  13. A lovely lovely warming post! Happy birthday dear, the girls look gorgeous, the food and drink looks amazing! xx

  14. I love this post! Your pictures are amazing!


  15. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had an amazing time! x