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Wednesday 7 August 2013
Monochrome outfit

Last week I became a ‘real fashion blogger’. You know what I mean; those fearless fashionista’s whose shots are done in the middle of a road, or busy high street. Totally natural, and without fear.

Up until now I’ve been playing it safe- taking them down my road, or on my village green. But no, the time has come that I get over my embarrassment, and take to the streets (oh I am so gangster.)

Fashion Blogger

I met up with the ├╝ber stylish Frances and Lola to do a street style shoot. We chose Liverpool as we originally were going to an event; however this turned out to be a bit of a shambles and so shall remain unnamed.

It was rather nerve wracking doing my ‘poses’ in front of hundreds of passersby along the Albert docks, as I rather play up to the camera, well, I was never going to be a model so this is as close as I’m going to get!

Albert Docks (2)

However you know what? It was rather liberating. Of course we got the stares, the ‘who does she think she is?’ looks, but I’d like to think now, if I built up the confidence to pose in front of strangers, I can do other things I thought I didn’t have the confidence for.

Monochrome outfit (2)

Studded Sleeve Jacket- Mango
White Cami- River Island (Similar)
Stripe Trousers- River Island (Similar)
Burgundy Heels- Zara (Similar)
Ring- River Island
Necklace- H&M

I’ve blogged about this little tough stud number before, but I’ve never been one to be a wear once, get rid kind of girl, hell, I’ve got bills to pay you know.

These trousers I’ve had for a good ol’ while; however monochrome just seems to be a repeat offender so every couple of seasons I just seem to be on trend- oh you know it’s just how I roll.

Monochrome outfit (3) Monochrome outfit (4) Monochrome outfit (5) Zara burgundy heels

Again, these Zara burgundy heels have made an appearance before, but they are just too pretty to stuff in a box. If you are going to do the monochrome trend, I think a pop of colour is essential, so heels are just the perfect opportunity to slip in some tones. 

Stud jacket

I had my makeup done at Urban Decay just before. What do you think? I like it... however it’s a bit heavy and cakey for me. Too much I think. Plus she extended my lip line; I’ve never understood why MUA do this? Give me a comment and let me know what you think, I’ve always played it safe with my makeup, browns, neutrals, so I was trying to branch out. Beauty Bloggers, what colours would you recommend?

Stud jacket (2) Albert Docks (3)

Being on location, I just couldn’t be the centre on attention, the gorgeous Albert Docks needed to do their thing to. 

All in all, there’s nothing to this ‘street style’ thing, next stop, Oxford Street... or you know, angry tourists, maybe not. 

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  1. Gorgeous love those shoes


  2. You look amazing! I say snap away, you found some pretty locations to take photos Liverpool is great for that. I need to introduce myself next time I see you, instead of being a geek & all shy.
    Loving the Zara heels.

    1. Thanks Vicki. Liverpool was a gorgeous backdrop. Yes, you must, I don't bite, honest! :) x

  3. Great shoot! And great step to take :) Totally know what you mean - it's good to break boundaries and be fearless! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep in touch! Julia x

    1. It was a little nerve wracking. There are a few outtakes of me giggling nervously. But yes, now I have broken the barrier, its great! x

  4. These photos are great! Good for you for stepping out on the streets and being fearless!

  5. Hello lovely!

    I have tagged you in the Liebster award! Its really fun to do and make sure to check it out in my page!


    Comment on my Liebster award post when youve completed it! Make sure to do it! xoxo

    Megan xo

  6. Love these pants! The stripe adds so much character to the overall look!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :
    : the daily savant : Blog Lovin

  7. You look lovely! I love the whole outfit!!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  8. Those trousers are stunning, I love them sooooo much

  9. You look gorgeous! I love the mango jacket it's beauts. I wish I had the guts to do a location shoot ! Perfect setting :) xxxx

    1. It helps when there are other bloggers there. I definitely couldn't do it with a tri-pod! x

  10. You look so pretty, the makeup came out great, but if it's too heavy it can be saved for special events :) I think it was worth it to step out and take these photos near the dock, they came out beautifully!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

    1. Thanks Mili for the make up comment. Maybe just for special occasions, as normally my makeup is, as the MAC woman said to me yesterday 'Fresh faced' that I'm not used to heavily colours. I do want to experiment more, but I feel like my clothes are loud enough! Ha x

  11. The jacket is a absolute beaut, you look so gorgeous hun. x


  12. great post :) you look ace
    you're right street style is the best

    Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

  13. You're so brave :)

    I love your style of writing... it's very entertaining!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

    1. Thanks Sarah! That means a lot. What can I say? I'm just naturally funny... whether I intend to be half the time is another matter ha x

  14. Hi Laura..
    I love your style.. :) You look amazing..
    P.S I am in love with your shoes..

    I would like you to thank you for visiting my blog..
    You have a great blog..:)
    I am following you..Hope you will follow me too..
    Stay in touch..!!


  15. Great photos! Love the outfit, especially the trousers :D x


  16. Love those burgundy heels! Your location shoots turned out great!

    Myra x

    Alluring Style

  17. The jacket is beautiful! I still have to get over my embarrassment of taking outfit photos in public :)


  18. Love this outfit. Bloody fabulous- and god you have lovely hair.
    So great you take lots of pictures making your posts detailed and personal!
    Great blog hun, followed!

    Jenna http://www.jennanicholls.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  19. I'm glad you ventured into it, the photos turned out great! Plus, after a while it's not so scary anymore ;)
    Love the outfit!