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Manicure Monday: Orly Glitter Gradient

Monday 12 August 2013
Orly FX

As you are aware I am a huge fan of nail art, and turns out word travels fast. The lovely people over at The Hut Group contacted me and asked if I would like to try out some polish for my next Manicure Monday. Err, yes please.

They sent over this gorgeous shade called Plum Pixel by Orly (£10.80). It has an almost silver tone to it, with very fine, very concentrated glitter pigments in it. 

Glitter gradient (3)

I decided to do a glitter gradient to really show off the glitter varnish, along with one accent nail so make sure this baby was the centre of attention.

To recreate you will need:
Glitter gradient (2)

First paint all of your nails in Fuchsia except for your index finger, which instead paint all over in Plum Pixel.

Then once this is dry, take the brush of Plum Pixel and dab on a fair amount at the base of your nail. Wipe away the remainder of varnish off the brush, and once the varnish on your nail becomes tacky, brush down the nail. This should drag and make very fine, patchy streaks. Continue to do so to build up the gradient, always with more colour at the base end and less as it moves towards the tip.

Once all nails are complete and dry, dip your nail art brush into Black and paint 2 very fine strokes in a curved motion from the base of your nail.

Glitter gradient

However The Hut Group didn’t just notice my love for nail art... all that removing and repainting my nails isn’t exactly doing my skin and cuticles any favours. Nail varnish remover contains alcohol which dries out the skin, and can also cause irritation and rashes. I had noticed my skin had started to look a little ragged and I think they agreed. So they kindly popped in the post some Orly Argan Oil Hand Crème too (£18.60).

Orly Hand creme

This must be one of the thickest, most luxurious hand crèmes I’ve ever used. Argan Oil is the product of the moment for hair, but I never thought of it for other areas too. The constancy is silky smooth, ultra rich, and simply melts into the skin.

It also contains Jojoba Oil is one of the key ingredients to prevent brittle nails which I’m afraid is a near guarantee from constant nail painting. 

Orly Hand creme (2) Orly Hand creme (3) Orly FX (2)

A word to the wise, I would only use this after you have painted your nails though, as silly old me put it on and then tried to paint my nails straight after- moisturised nails and varnish? Don’t be daft! (See I do the silly so you don’t have to)

So if you are painting your nails this Manicure Monday, pop on a little Hand crème afterwards to keep your hands photo ready. 

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  1. Your nail art looks stunning, those shades are beautiful! I actually have argan oil for hair, and would've never thought of using it for another areas - this cream looks majorly luxe even just from the pictures though, I must peruse that site! ;)

    Amelia xx

    1. Thanks Amelia. I know, I never realized either, but I guess if you think about it, hair and nails are made of the same protein. :) x

  2. Wow, this looks beautiful! I wish I had your skills. The glitter is dreamy :)

    Tara xo

    1. This is actually really simple to do, plus the good thing about gradients is that they can be a little messy :) x

  3. Great nail art looks so trendy. The cream I will like to try.

  4. These look amazing, that glitter is stunning!x

  5. Loving the glitter gradient - another one to add to my list to try and really jealous of that hand cream!

  6. Your nails look sooo good! I really have to get this!


  7. Great glitter polish, also interessting manicure :)

  8. These these look so cool. Love a bit of glitter :)


  9. omgggg that nail varnish is so so gorgeous! i'm a sucker for anything glittery

  10. Oooh love this!! Wish I had more patience for nail art haha :( xx