Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

When it comes to fashion, I don't really have any rules. If I like something, I'll get it. I'm known for my quirkier, out there style, where most people would say 'but what would I wear that with?' I never think that, shop first, think later- good for my style, bad for my wallet.

I realise though that not everyone has the same mentality as me and the question of what to wear a piece with is a paramount question. This becomes even more so when it comes to statement pieces. You may have nailed a statement trend in your date night outfit, but then what happens to that fabulous piece? Does it become a one outfit only piece? Knowing how to rework an item over and over again is the key to longevity in your wardrobe and help ease that wallet situation.

Matalan pink skirt (1)

Leopard Print Skirt- c/o Matalan*

So I decided to style a skirt from Matalan's new statement collection 3 ways. A day time look, a work look and a night time outfit. The Statement collection is all about on trend pieces, yet simple, quality designs to make them keepers. I chose this fabulous pink leopard print midi skirt as the print is a real head turner. Its fun, sassy and guaranteed to get the boys lookin'!

However at the same time, such a loud piece can be hard to wear again and again. However for one night only I will be your very own Gok and show you three different looks to inspire you to wear more statement clothes.

Matalan Skirt (2)

Day time. Think pencil skirts are strictly a more formal item? Not at all. Worked with a casual slogan t-shirt, and leather jacket, the loud colour instantly makes this a fun, day outfit. Day time you can clash prints, as in two coloured leopard print, wear other patterns and clashing colours as this all helps to add a youthful tone to a statement piece.

Matalan Skirt (3) Matalan Skirt (4) Matalan Skirt (5)

Work wear. Living the corporate lifestyle comes with many benefits, but trying to remain professional while being stylish can be tricky. If you are going to wear a statement skirt at work, make sure the rest of your outfit is very neutral and traditional. A crisp white shirt, black blazer and simple courts keep this outfit on the right side of appropriate. 

Matalan Skirt (1) Matalan pink skirt (4)

Finally night time. This is wear a statement skirt really comes into its element. You could work this look so many ways, but i decided to go for a uber glam look. Classic, elegance and ladylike- 3 things that never go out of style. By adding another statement piece; the shrug, firmly puts this in the formal category and as the skirt is so long, to keep the look young, add a cheeky crop top.

Matalan pink skirt (3)

3 very different looks, using just 1 skirt which costs £10. I know its easier said than done, but if I could just give you one piece of fashion advice- Just go for it. Trust me I've had many fashion mishaps over the years because I've taken the plunge and worn quirkier statement pieces, however the good far out ways the bad. And to be honest, fashion is all about expressing yourself, so next time, go out and take that statement skirt to the till knowing you can wear it again and again. 
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duo shoes

I'm a summer baby. Hot weather and sunny clear blue sky's are in my blood. It feels like only a minute ago we were in summer and yet something happened yesterday that blew that illusion clear out of the water. Discussion of the CHRISTMAS PARTY occurred! Its barely September and yet my co-workers were talking about what to do this year.

I hate to mention the C word in September, but I think resistance is futile. The shops are stocking Christmas goodies, and fashion is dragging out the winter warmers.

Understanding this, Duo Shoes contacted me asking if I would like to take part in their #FITFORFESTIVEFASHION Christmas campaign. Duo represent a pretty untapped market here in the UK- custom width and calf sizes in shoes, not just feet size. Having struggled with narrow calves I thought this was genius, and so I was on board designing the next trend in Christmas wear.

I decided to go for the theme 'Ethereal Angel'. For me, Christmas is about glamour, elegance, and the classic innocent look. Think crisp whites, pretty lace and a innocent bat of the long eyelashes.  

To recreate Ethereal Angel:

Let me know what you think of the theme, and also your thoughts on Christmas talk already. Are your co-workers the same too?
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Seemingly determined to eat my way through London, I was off out again this weekend discovering all the delicious offerings London has for me. I'm not complaining though, keep them coming London, I accept your challenge!

Clockjack Oven (6)

You may find it hard to believe given the nature of my last few posts but I do actually sometimes dabble outside of food and into fashion. Now moving to London on my own has brought few problems only us silly bloggers could understand- who is going to take my photos now?!

So in true modern spirit I called on the help of Twitter and asked the good people of Twittersville if any bloggers wanted to meet up for a little blogger shoot. Step forward the utterly gorgeous Helen and Amy. Armed with our cameras we headed into London. However all of that posing is hungry work don't you know, so we decided to go for a spot of lunch at ClockJack Oven.

Clockjack Oven (10)
Despite the unusual name, ClockJack Oven do Rotisserie Chicken, and nothing but Rotisserie Chicken... oh go on then you veggies, there's 1 thing for you too.

Clockjack Oven (1) Clockjack Oven (9) Clockjack Oven (13)

Rotisserie chicken is a form of roasting where meat is skewered almost on a modern day spit. This is to make it extra juicy, and stop the dreaded dry chicken happening.

ClockJack Oven do do burgers (chicken of course) but seeing as the good old fashioned rotisserie is their speciality, both me and Helen went for it. You can have 3, 4 or 10 pieces, and you choose what part of the chicken you want. Personally I'm a leg and thigh kind of girl- ooh-er!

Clockjack Oven (2)

You can even watch your meal being cooked in front of you. Not for the animal lover I'm guessing though.
Clockjack Oven (5)Clockjack Oven (3)

Even though 3 pieces is their smallest portion, I was thinking this was a tad excessive, however the portions are smaller so don't worry if you aren't doing a me and trying to eat your weight in London food.

As claimed the chicken was very succulent, and not at all dry. While it wasn't the best chicken I've ever had in my life (that is a big ask though), it was perfectly roasted and tender.
Clockjack Oven (4)
However the double cooked chips were so good. Extra crispy, extra crunchy and perfectly salted, they are worth a special mention.
Clockjack Oven (8)
Amy put us to shame with her strong resistance by having a rotisserie salad. Sensible girl.
Clockjack Oven (7)
Clockjack Oven (12)
Tucked just behind Piccadilly Circus its the perfect escape for a spot of shopping refuel away from the mania that is London retail.... or like me and want a impromptu blogger lunch. Which by the way I am always up for more of, so if you fancy doing a little posing street style, give me a tweet or comment.
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Feast London (2)
I sit here writing this having just demolished the hugest double stack of ribs last night, and yet am still drooling over my photos, gracefully thinking 'I could just eat that deep fried burger right now...' Yes, that's right, deep fired burger- Welcome to Feast London!
Feast London is pretty self explanatory, some of London's best small time restaurants come together for one weekend to host pop up stalls outside Guys hospital and let us feast on their bet dishes. Being a London newbie this was the perfect opportunity to discover the best food hangouts all in one go. You bet I brought my stretchy pants. 

Feast London (3)

We started at The Wright Brothers, who have a seafood restaurant in Soho. I was instantly drawn in by the fresh, plump oysters on the table. I've never had oysters, so in true foodie spirit we went for all 3 flavours, traditional, Ginger, chilli, & soy, and Coriander & jalapeno.
Feast London (4) Feast London (5) Feast London (6)
I tried to master the 'slide down the throat' technique... not so graceful.
Feast London (37)
After starting on rather a sophisticated note, we decided to get down and dirty to a big ol' dish of Mac and Cheese from Anna Mae's.
Feast London (7) Feast London (9)

My partner in crime was Caroline from Cocktails and Caroline. Having met the night before for the first time at Met Bar we got on like a house on fire over our mutual love of food and drink. Having maybe drank one too many we both declared Mac and Cheese was needed. Heavy, carby, and oh so delicious. Hang over be gone!
Feast London (8)
Feast London (12)

Deciding we needed to go do the honour lap round before we peaked too early, we discovered the inside seating. Bums to bums, everyone rally's round together. I love how food brings people together, as lets be honest here, in London people just don't talk to each other! Being a northerner, its the norm to strike a conversation on a bus, or god forbid a train with a stranger, but here, if you so much as dare look at anyone, is immediately On Guard!
Feast London (13) Feast London (15)

Soon we were back down to business. Now I have a confession, one which my friend detests of me as its so unlady like, but I love fired chicken. Greasy, fried meat, sliding off the bone. Its finger lickin' goodness I just cant resist. So when I spotted chicken wings, I was all over those bad boys like a shot.
Feast London (14)

Now I didn't realise this until I've just looked them up now, but apparently Bread Street Kitchen is Gordan Rasmey's? Bloody hell, no wonder they were so damn good! I was going to say the

Tamarind spiced chicken wings with spring onions and coriander were the best thing there, so no wonder. Honestly, they were greasy heaven!

Feast London (19) Feast London (18)Feast London (16)
Caroline was more graceful than I and went for the duck salad. Saved her getting dubious chicken stains on her trousers like I received for my sins.
Feast London (17) Feast London (20)
I'm sexy and I know it...
Feast London (23) Feast London (21)
Next up was Wiggies, pulled pork sliders. While they may not look like anything special, we both gave a unanimous 'yummm'. Exceeding expectations is always a winner for me.
Feast London (24) Feast London (25) Feast London (27)
However one of the best finds of the day was Flat Iron who served Beef Belly. I adore pork belly, but beef belly? Its not something you ever hear of. So I'm here to tell you, go find it. Incredibly flavoursome, it is slow cook it for 48hrs then finished on right there live on a BBQ. It was incredibly rich, tender, and bursting with flavour. I am going to have to go to these guys restaurant, I need more!
Feast London (26) Feast London (28) Feast London (22)
After seeing a man parade around dressed as a chicken, we knew there was only one thing to do- follow him. Turns out he was from Check On who served their Eggs & Soldiers dessert which consisted of a egg shell with vanilla creme brûlée & mango jelly with a shortbread solder. Genius.
Feast London (29) Feast London (30)
Now at the beginning I promised you a Deep Fried Burger, so as one to always keep my word, I present to you Bao's Heart Attack.

Fried chicken, hot sauce, stuffed in a bun, and fried to heart attack perfection. Yes, bun and all. Ummm clogged arteries never tasted so good!

Feast London (32) Feast London (34)
Now it wasn quite so saved the best to last, but Wishbone was one of the most delicious burgers I've possibly ever had. Wow big league there. While it was not look so graceful, it was bursting with flavours which were layers perfectly. Plus anyone who buts a hash brown on a burger gets m approval instantly.
Feast London (35) Feast London (36) Feast London (1)
Having eaten our weight in food, we decided we possibly couldn't fit in another mouthful, however much we wanted to keep going.

I believe Feast London are doing a Christmas festival which I will 100% be there at, so I know its keen, but if you fancy going, look out for me- at the rate London is treating me, I'll be the fattie in the corner licking chicken sauce off my chin.
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