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Barburrito Masterclass

Tuesday 3 September 2013
Barburrito (27)

You all know I love food, whether it is eating it in restaurants to getting my hands dirty and making it myself. So I was absolutely delighted to be invited along with my blogger from another mother Frances; Fikki and Danielle to a Barburrito Masterclass. Combining eating out with making it myself? Oh yeah baby!


Of course I had heard of Barburrito before, but knew very little of it, as I will admit I had always passed it over for other outlets at lunch. I didn’t actually know what a Burrito was, which seeing as fajitas is a student’s staple is a little shameful.

However never let it be said I’m not willing to learn, so after being coxed in with nachos I learnt that what makes a Burrito a Burrito is simply the tortilla wrap and the rice. The rest is completely up to you- my perfect kind of food. So because of this huge area for experimentation that Barburrito say they are Mexican inspired- plus it was set up by two Manchester Boys, Paul and Morgan. 

Barburrito (4)

Now I agree with the philosophy that a master should know how every single thing on ground level works which is why we just had to try every single potential ingredient a customer could have in their Burrito. From pulled pork to streak (medium rare naturally) to slow cooked beef, the spices and marinades they were cooked in were unbelievable and the flavours were layered to perfection. 

Barburrito (5)

They also have 4 different strengths of sauces which a word of warning, unless you are part volcano stay away from the green fiery one. Me being daft dunk a nacho straight in and scooped up a huge dollop only to dash straight to the drinks machine shouting ‘water! Water!’.

Barburrito (6)

What I learned about Barburrito is every single ingredients is cooked and made on site every day. Right down to the salsa and nacho cheese (ohhh the nacho cheese…) Now you may not be too blown away by that statement, but even subway don’t make all of their food on that site and they are the ‘eat fresh’ kings. Just saying. 

Barburrito (7)

Legend has it that the record for a Burrito rolling took just 2 seconds. On the back of this day and night the staff at Barburrito fold, roll and took (oh there is an exact method to this guys) in order to one day take on this record. It takes utter dedication, concentration... just not perspiration hopefully. I had just one attempt, but Bring. It. On!

Barburrito (8) Barburrito (9) Barburrito (10)

Ok so I may not have beat 2 seconds but I was told my roll was perfectly executes why thank you- so I was pretty pleased with myself. 

Barburrito (11)

Next up we had to work for our supper, and so snapping on another pair of stylish latex gloves we went behind the counter and got down to the real stuff. Making a proper Barburrito. Hello I’m Laura and I’ll be your server today- a natural. 

Barburrito (13)

I told you it was all fresh. Would I lie to you?

Barburrito (23) Barburrito (14) Barburrito (12) Barburrito (15) Barburrito (17) Barburrito (16) Barburrito (18) Barburrito (19) Barburrito (21) Barburrito (20)

Ta da! Ok so she may not win any beauty competitions, but boy would she win taste bud ones. Chilli brown rice layered with char grilled steak, drizzled in Ranchera sauce, a huge helping of the marinated mushrooms, a dollop of the freshest guacamole I’ve ever tasted and of course, smothered in cheese. I can die happy now. 

Barburrito (22) Barburrito (24)

I will tell you a little fact about myself, I can eat A LOT. No I mean A LOT. My record at the pizza hut buffet is 11 slices of pizza PLUS SIDES! The average human being starts to feel full 20 minutes after starting to eat, but for some reason I don’t till about an hour and a half. So yes, I do get full just way later which means I can happily keep chowing down on more and more food only to discover how horrifically full I am hours later, which trust me, having eaten probably double my full capacity is not a pleasant feeing!

Anyways what I am getting at is that it takes something special to make me feel the full signal. So seeing my burrito sitting there not looking to menacing I was like purleeeease Mr you don’t scare me.

Barburrito (25)

Well I will say it was surprisingly very filling. No 11 slices of pizza filling, but it is a deceptive little mite, and I was feeling the grown of my jeans towards the end. So if you are looking for a hearty lunch, a Burrito is your guy.

Barburrito (26) Barburrito (3)

Barburrito currently have 9 restaurants across the country which 8 are all up North (woop Northerners… oh wait I’ve just moved to London…) however a little birdie told me they are planning 3 more next year down south so watch this space you Burrito lovers.

I am definitely a Burrito convert now, and if I haven’t managed to tickle your taste buds, maybe Dereck the Donkey will convince you Burrito is best. OlĂ©!
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  1. How cool to participate in this burrito roll up that looks absolutely delicious and its 6 am in USA you made me very hungry. Have a Great Day.

    1. I know, I keep looking at this post and it is making me hungry again x

  2. Wish I could have been there! You guys had fun!

    Lola xx

  3. It looks like so much fun. Before seeing the ingredients like this i would never have thought id like a burrito but i think i actually would now!x

    1. I was exactly the same. I never knew what went into it, or that it was all fresh. I think I might have stayed away, but now, I feel much better about it. Definitely recommend Barburrito :) x

  4. This food looks AMAZING!

    I've recently started my own lifestyle blog, please check it out on...

    Thanks x

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog - sorry it's taken me this long to pop over and say hello! I'm not much of a meat eater but I've watched enough episodes of Man VS Food to know that I want to try a veggie one so badly! x

  6. That looks so fun! I like what your wearing too your hair looks great
    Meg xx (new follower)


  7. Ah sound like you had a great time and the food sounds delish! aha would love to try burritos im forever hearing about them in American movies so hopefully the come to birmingham also! Great post xo
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