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Borough Market Lunch Inspiration

Wednesday 18 September 2013
Borough market food (10)

In my last post I took you on tour with me as I discovered Borough Market. Now if my bank manager would only be so kind as to let me buy everything I would have, but I'm afraid a nobody like me just doesn't quite have the budget for that, so instead I bought some essentials, but essentials with a twist. That's the beauty of Borough Market which I love; discovering companies who truly love innovating with flavours.

Borough market food (3)

So I decided to rustle up a spot of lunch with my purchases, and do a little recipe (if you can really call it that) to give you some lunch time inspiration that firmly banishes soggy sandwiches to the bottom of the bin.
From the market I bought: 
From my cupboard: 

  • Yellow baby tomato's
  • Sun dried tomato's
  • Prosciutto ham

Borough market food (2) Borough market food (6) Borough market food (1)
I honestly went from stall to stall, thinking I wanted this one, only to see another loaf just calling out to me. In the end, it was the fruit in the bread that won me over. I firmly believe the mark of a good bread in the crack as you slice through the crusty top layer, and oh boy did this hit the spot.
So with such a fine foundation, I decided to do one hunky meaty sandwich and one light fruit and cheese one.
Borough market food (9) Borough market food (4)
For the meat one, cut yourself a mean slice of the loaf, and butter with your finest spread. This sandwich only deserves he best.
Pile on spoonful's of the pate until a decent layer covers the slice of bread.
Then layer on the prosciutto ham, yellow tomato's and sun dried tomato's.
Season with pepper if required.
If you are feeling rather hungry slice up another piece of bread and squash right on top.
Borough market food (5)

Now for my drunken sandwich as I guess I could name it.
Again, cut a goof thick slice of bread and butter it- don't be shy now.
Slice the cheese and layer on top.
Thinly slice the figs and continue the layer.
Finally add sun dried tomato's to top- trust me the combination of the fruit, and the sweet tomato's is heaven.

Borough market food (7) Borough market food (8)
Incredibly simple, even a over stretched office worker could whip these up before work. To be honest, with such beautiful, flavoursome produce you could go wild with combinations, but here are just a couple to get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy.

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  1. The famous red wine cheese! Want want WANT!

    Please rustle me up one of these when you're all settled in your own place. It looks amazing!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. The cheese sounds immense!

  3. i've just discovered your blog and have spent the evening reading your archives...looking forward to reading more about your London adventures as I'm moving down in two weeks!