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Borough Market

Monday 16 September 2013
Borough Market (19)
Since coming to London there is one thing that I've wanted to do more than anything else. Borough Market. Described as the best food market in England I had to go. Now that I am very much an adult. Moved out of the nest into the big bad world, I've started to get call domestic- a arty vase here, a shaggy throw there, and now I want to have fresh produce filling my cupboards too (Thank God the student days are over when pot noodles ruled the roost). So I put on my best Nigella impression and skipped down the road to Borough Market- Yes, literally down the road, as I was staying by London Bridge Tube station- perfect!
Borough Market (9)

Nestled under the railways, the smells and colours are enchanting. It gives you a headache just trying to decide what to discover first. All of it is the highest quality produce, loving made by the stall owners who have a few story's to tell you along the way.
Borough Market (1) Borough Market (18) Borough Market (17) Borough Market (4)
One of my favourite foods in the world is bread, and let me tell you, there is plenty of bread. Paul Hollywood would be proud!
Borough Market (16) Borough Market (15) Borough Market (12) Borough Market (14)

Ok, I may be able to polish off a lot of bread, but seriously? I think I've found The Bread Beast!

Borough Market (5)

With all the mountains of food, lunch can be a minefield. So my advice is to look at what other people are eating and go on and ask them. I know its not very London to actually make conversation with a stranger but call it my Northern ways but I spied a glorious sandwich in a mans hands and just hopped right up to him and said 'Hey, nice sandwich'. Soon I was at the door of a cute little stall who made the most mouth watering toasted ciabatta. It was honestly one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. So many flavours just bursting out of it!
Borough Market (7) Borough Market (6)

I think its safe to say I was pleased with my choice.
Borough Market (20)

Of course, we had to indulge in a little sweet stuff, so after umming and ahhhing over which sugar fix we needed, Apple Struddle won.
Borough Market (21) Borough Market (22)
Around the Market there are a few tables, and benches made of quirky materials, from barrels and crates. Everyone is in it together, side by side munching happily on their finds. Food definitely brings people together.
Borough Market (13) Borough Market (3)
My other big love aside from bread is cheese. I just adore cheese, so when I found Drunk Cheese stall, well, it was a match made in heaven. They make alcohol infused cheeses. Need I say more? I opted for a red wine cheese and let me tell you, it is one of the best flavoured cheese I've ever found. SIice going to the market I've used in in various ways, but one of the most satisfying was cheese on toast (Market bread naturally). You have to try this stuff, trust me.
Borough Market (2) Borough Market (8)
Finally I stumbled across this other amazing company, The Potted Game Company. They make Pates out of game, such as Rabbit and Pigeon. After sampling some (Ok all) of the pates I bought a pot of Wild Boar. Again, it was fantastic, and so moreish. Needles to say even though it has a shelf life of 10 days it didn't last more than 1... 

I stocked up well at the Market, feeling like a true Londoner, taking my finds back to the kitchen. So watch this space for a little Market recipe coming up very soon.

If you want to check out the Markets, or find out more info, I'd recommend following them on Twitter- ask them a question and they'll happily respond too.
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  1. Cool pics!!!


  2. I love Borough Market so much! I haven't been there in a good few months (even though it is just a short train ride away from my home) but now I am truly craving all the sights and smells of the delicious food that there is to offer!
    Lovely photos :)

    Peach Pow XO

  3. This looks amazing!
    Total food porn!


  4. All of this food looks absolutely amazing, I'm dribbling! My biggest weakness is also bread so I think I would be in my absolute element. I struggle going through Tesco without inhaling all of the bready smells for my fix. Looks like you had a good time girly. xxx

    Chloe @ The Little Plum UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  5. I popped down here a few weeks ago on my lunch break when the sun was still shining! I must get the post up. I just love food markets like this although they are dangerous as I could literally walk around eating all day!


  6. Wow! That food looks amazing! I need to visit London :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  7. Looking through these photos made me really hungry!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

  8. This market looks worth a visit! The colored denim you are wearing looks great!

    Hope you are having a great day. Drop by my blog when you get a chance.


  9. After reading this I have already managed to get my boyfriend over excited about going to the Christmas one!! I think I dribbled a little whilst looking at these pictures ;D

    Hannah xxx

  10. You blog absolutely yummy posts
    Thanks I'm off to experiment ion the kitchen



  11. Oh my word, that fruit looked AMAZING. You take such lovely photos x

  12. Loved the post, I used to work in London Bridge, and there is nothing I miss more!!.