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ClockJack Oven

Tuesday 24 September 2013
Seemingly determined to eat my way through London, I was off out again this weekend discovering all the delicious offerings London has for me. I'm not complaining though, keep them coming London, I accept your challenge!

Clockjack Oven (6)

You may find it hard to believe given the nature of my last few posts but I do actually sometimes dabble outside of food and into fashion. Now moving to London on my own has brought few problems only us silly bloggers could understand- who is going to take my photos now?!

So in true modern spirit I called on the help of Twitter and asked the good people of Twittersville if any bloggers wanted to meet up for a little blogger shoot. Step forward the utterly gorgeous Helen and Amy. Armed with our cameras we headed into London. However all of that posing is hungry work don't you know, so we decided to go for a spot of lunch at ClockJack Oven.

Clockjack Oven (10)
Despite the unusual name, ClockJack Oven do Rotisserie Chicken, and nothing but Rotisserie Chicken... oh go on then you veggies, there's 1 thing for you too.

Clockjack Oven (1) Clockjack Oven (9) Clockjack Oven (13)

Rotisserie chicken is a form of roasting where meat is skewered almost on a modern day spit. This is to make it extra juicy, and stop the dreaded dry chicken happening.

ClockJack Oven do do burgers (chicken of course) but seeing as the good old fashioned rotisserie is their speciality, both me and Helen went for it. You can have 3, 4 or 10 pieces, and you choose what part of the chicken you want. Personally I'm a leg and thigh kind of girl- ooh-er!

Clockjack Oven (2)

You can even watch your meal being cooked in front of you. Not for the animal lover I'm guessing though.
Clockjack Oven (5)Clockjack Oven (3)

Even though 3 pieces is their smallest portion, I was thinking this was a tad excessive, however the portions are smaller so don't worry if you aren't doing a me and trying to eat your weight in London food.

As claimed the chicken was very succulent, and not at all dry. While it wasn't the best chicken I've ever had in my life (that is a big ask though), it was perfectly roasted and tender.
Clockjack Oven (4)
However the double cooked chips were so good. Extra crispy, extra crunchy and perfectly salted, they are worth a special mention.
Clockjack Oven (8)
Amy put us to shame with her strong resistance by having a rotisserie salad. Sensible girl.
Clockjack Oven (7)
Clockjack Oven (12)
Tucked just behind Piccadilly Circus its the perfect escape for a spot of shopping refuel away from the mania that is London retail.... or like me and want a impromptu blogger lunch. Which by the way I am always up for more of, so if you fancy doing a little posing street style, give me a tweet or comment.
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  1. You've made me add another restaurant to my list! I do love a tasty bit of chicken!

  2. Nice food, it looks delicious, We love your blog by the way. We currently have a competition going on and thought you might be interested in our giveaway we are hosting on our blog x

  3. Oh my that looks amazing! Will have to go there the next time I'm in London x


  4. that food looks delicious, I would definitely stop by the restaurant when I am in London


  5. This looks lovely! :)


  6. Ahh that looks so yummy! I will deffo have to go there pronto! x

  7. Excuse me while I live vicariously through you.

  8. Aw I wish I was able to make it. Glad your girls had a lovely meal :D

    Hannah xxx

  9. Lovely blog! and great post!

  10. Ah such a good idea to meet up with other bloggers. I am sooooo fussy with photos I find a quiet street, tripod and remote come in handy when I am desperate x