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Goodbye Manchester Blogging Scene

Monday 9 September 2013
Avalanche (2)

I've lived in Warrington all my life (minus a stint at university and in London for a year), so my nearest 'big city' is Manchester. As I got more and more into blogging I found myself slowing joining the Manchester Fashion Blogging scene. I don't really consider it a 'Blogging scene' though, I just consider it having fun with friends, as this is what these gorgeous girls have become to me. Which is why is it so sad that I have had to leave them all behind as I have relocated to London baby. Which by the way, I am hosting a little dinner to get to know the London scene now which you can find out about here.

Avalanche (3)

Not that I need an excuse to go out for dinner and cocktails but just in case- you reason police, I think my leaving do is a pretty fine reason don't you? So just before I packed up my life into my suitcase, I headed out into the bright lights of Manchester one last time for a good knees up with some amazing Manchester Fashion Bloggers I had met at the Get The Label event I blogged about all those moths ago along with 2 lovely girlies from Get The Label themselves. I reserve any goodbye tears at least till after a few glasses of wine mind you!

I chose Avalanche as the venue of choice as I had heard good things about this Italian, plus the website just blew me away- it looked stunning. Of course first on the agenda though, in good old Manchester style me and Frances got in a couple of cocktails while we waited for the others in Avalanche's bar.

Avalanche Cocktail Manchester Blogger

Once everyone had made it in, we headed into the gorgeous restaurant. Bathed in a icy glow with blue lights scattering the tables, the atmosphere was definitely one of occasion. Perfect then.

I worn you the menu is extensive and has the potential to cause serious food envy amongst your group so choose wisely my friend.

Avalanche menuavalanche manchester 3

I ummed and ahhhed my way down the list back and forth until I plumed for Calamari. I am a huge seafood fan so I just had to sample their take. I rather enjoyed the beautiful presentation of the dish and the batter was lovely and light which meant I could really taste the Calamari rather than just batter.

Avalance manchesterAvalanche manc 2 avalanche manchester 2

Other orders included were the Trio of Bruschetta, Carpaccio di Manzo which was thinly sliced fillet of beef and the Caprino Fritto which was deep fried goats cheese. Possible food envy? Well anything with the word cheese in is liable to causing that.

Calamari manc blogger 2 manc blogger 3 Manchester bloggers 2 Avalanche manc Avalanche rest

If you are looking to make a statement with your venue choice I would seriously recommend Avalanche. Got a hot date that you want to impress? This is your winner. A bit of showing off to your friends? Bingo.

Hanging from the ceilings are the most show stopping chandeliers, and luxury touches are everywhere from the floor to ceiling mirrors, to the clean lines of the art work. Definitely dress the part for Avalanche as I can guarantee trainers will stick out... or actually, make that squeak on the super shiny floor. That's sure to draw attention to your footwear.

Avalanche manchester 4

Again the my indecisive nature was my curse when it came to mains, I just wanted it all, but I settled for Gnocchi Arrabbiata. Those heavy little dumplings were soft and tender with a gorgeously light sauce, and of course a ridiculous amount of parmesan cheese from the waiter.

Most of us were feeling pasta that night, however they do pizza's, meats and fish too if you don't fancy the classic pizza-pasta option.
Avalanche manchester Avalanche menu (2) Avalanche food Pasta manchester bloggers 3
manchester bloggers (3) Avalanche food (2)

Now I bang on about dessert like there is no tomorrow. I have a ridiculously sweet tooth, and my mantra is no matter how full I am there is always room for dessert. Well tonight I failed. Epically failed.

I was just so stuffed I could barely breath in my top. I blame the gnocchi, it is deceivingly filling. Damn you Gnocci, denying me my indulgence! However if you are not as weak as me they do a sharing platter if you can't decide which looked temptingly good.
manchester bloggers (2)

We spent the evening chatting about all things blogging really. How we enjoyed the creativity and freedom it gave us to write about what we love. Of course we also nattered away about out jobs, our lives and silly girlie gossip like a group of old housewives. I do love a good gossip.
Manchester blogger (2)
My gorgeous ladies. Charlotte and Chloe from Get The Label. Frances, Sindy, Ashleigh, Laura, Lily, Lola and Fikki.
Manchester bloggers

Sheesh lately I seem to be wittering on in some melodramatic way about oh life will change now blah blah blah. I do apologise for my philosophical babble... blame my current addiction to Fraser for that. However to keep this short and sweet (that's how we like it) I have had an absolute blast in Manchester over the last year, I've made some wonderful friends in other fashion bloggers and it will be sad to say goodbye. As much as I promise to come back and catch up- and I will- but it will be infrequent as my job will take so much time, and then my spare time will be taken up in London. Sorry Manchester but London out trumps you there hands down!
manchester bloggers (4) manchester bloggers (5)

We ended the evening on a round of hugs and of course a round (or two) of limoncello shots. Cheers to Manchester. Cheers to all my lovely blogging friends. But cheers to new beginnings. Here here!
Also I am calling on you London Bloggers, where are you, I want to have dinner with you in similar style. Find out more on my post here. Don't be shy.
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  1. The food looks the delicious and the company as well as you look beautiful.

    1. The food was good, but yes the company was the best part! x

  2. Gorg photos, those cocktails look amaze, as does the food. I'm hungry now!

    Welcome to London!! You're going to love it!

    she goes wear


    1. Thank you! I'm hoping to explore London today. So long as it doesn't rain today! x

  3. These are great photos! Looks like you ladies had fun! Hope you have a great time on your new adventure in London!

    xo, Delightful Sunflower

    1. Thanks Vanessa, hopefully I'll get to explore today, its looking bright and sunny outside :) x

  4. Such pretty pictures! Did you use an iPhone and then photoshopped them or took a dslr along with you?

    Top 10 Under £10/$10/€10

    1. I took a DSLR, I use the Canon 1100D, its a little awkward I will admit as it is so big, but life of a blogger :P x

  5. o it was a good night wasn't it! and the pictures turned out really well! who knew you took so many haha miss youuuu x

  6. That place looked amazing! Your food looked super yummy too! :)


  7. Ooh! I NEED to try this place! Yum! :-) x