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You are invited to dinner in London with me!

Saturday 7 September 2013

Ah London, I'm home!

If you've been following my blog or twitter you'll know on Sunday I moved to London from up North to start my new life with a new job.

I have been a little absent on the blog and twittersphere this week because sadly things have gone...  well... tits up to say the least. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen that I signed for house on Monday. However tragically this fell through and I am now back to square one. Without going into details its been a bloomin' stressful week so not exactly what I hoped for a first week in London, but hey ho, onwards and upwards. Plus I'm in London Baby! Things are always better with London on your (albeit temporary) door step.

So my original situation of having some fellow London Newbies as housemates has crumbled away leaving me, well a little friendless in this big ol' city. Being a social creature who loves eating and drinking I am feeling rather lost.
So I am calling on you London Bloggers, where are you, I want to have dinner with you.

I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to meet new people, especially other bloggers in my new city and hopefully make some new friends. So I decided to host a little dinner for around 10-15 people.
Browns Manchester (5)
Browns Manchester (13)

Not knowing the city too well, so unsure on good restaurants, I've chosen Browns in Covent Garden as I recently went to the one in Manchester and loved it (check my blog post on it to see). I thought maybe Saturday 28th, to give me a few weekends to navigate round the city, at 6:30pm as I might have to stay slightly out of London and require an overground train.

So the details are as follows:
  • Location: Browns Covent Garden
  • When: Saturday 28th 6:30pm (Poss change as I'll book once I have numbers)
  • Who: 10-15 people

I can't wait to meet some London Bloggers, and finally feel like I live in this city. With everything that's happened this week I definitely need a good chin wag about fashion and blogging and a big glass of wine or two! Who's with me? Leave a comment below with your email too and when I have enough people I will send out an email to you. Feel free to pass on to others, friends etc. 
Can't wait to meet you!
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  1. Hi Laura
    I'm sorry to hear that the house fell through, hope it all gets sorted! I am a London dweller (as my blog will show you!) I would SO have loved to come come to this but I am having my wisdom teeth out on 27th :( So I can't make it.

    However, on Friday I'm meeting up with a fellow blogger of Lotti loves London in central London and you're welcome to join us! This blogging malarkey is a great way to make new buddies.

    London isn't always the friendliest place but it is one of the best and most fun ;)

    Good luck with everything!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. Unfortunately I have plans that night but it would be great to meet up for a drink and dinner sometime, I live in Essex but work in London and whilst I have my home & work friends it'd be great to have some blogger enthusiasts to meet up and do fun bloggy things! I recently tried out Shake Shack and Five Guys in London to post on my blog and dined alone and I always like company when enjoying a burger!

    My email is victoriaeales@hotmail.com so feel free to drop me an email if you fancy a drink or want some tips and advice on anything around London.



  3. Hi Laura, I would love to come. Sounds like a lot of fun :)
    I love a good chatter with girls and as a bit of a foodie blogger too this would be great for me :)
    My email is tamsynelizabeth@hotmail.co.uk

    Peach Pow XO

  4. Great initiative, wish I thought of this when I was living in London. I've just actually moved out of London having spent 10 yrs there and hope that you have as much fun and awesomeness as I did. London is indeed a great city and I know that you'll have an awesome time - there's so much to see and do. I really hope that you settle in well - I can totally relate to this as 10 yrs ago this was me. I'll be following your blog and Twitter to see how you get on. All the best - hope you meet lots of lovely girlies at the dinner, Aimee xx

  5. So sorry to hear that and if I was in London I will definitely meet with you. As per the house you need to keep your head up I'm going through a similar situation but worst I was rent with the option to purchase I move in 8 months later they want there house back now I'm stuck by myself no help with my stuff in my back and I paid from NYC to here the south an extravagant amount to move my stuff so you could understand short in money to find movers I cannot lift this furniture by myself and have not found a place never trust people. Here its a blogger who lived in NYC now move to London recently dying to meet other in London her blog its Annie Jaffrey look her up I bet she will meet you.

  6. Hey! I'm defo up for this and I'm free that evening! Would be great to meet some more bloggers and you can never have enough friends!

    Drop me an email...


  7. Hiya Laura! I hope things work out in terms of the housing situation. The meet up sounds great! Definitely would be lovely to meet a few bloggers and make new friends!

    My email is goldenandsheen@gmail.com

    Looking forward!

    Sheen xxxx

  8. Great Idea

    Would love to join . i have recently started blogging and would be nice to meet up fellow bloggers.

    Send me detail on

  9. Hi Laura,

    I've recently started blogging and would love to meet you and some other bloggers. It's such a great idea to host a meet up. My email is hesterlierre@gmail.com


  10. So sorry to hear your house share fell through but I hope you meet some amazing new gal-pals in the big smoke. As they say as one door closes... Best of luck in your new job too x

  11. Really excited for this - my email's theoxfordowl@hotmail.co.uk :)

    The Oxford Owl

  12. Hi, this sounds fab :) I'm unfortunately away that weekend but I'd love to be involved with the next if possible? I'm @louisecjc on Twitter :) xxx

  13. I've just found your blog through Cocktails & Caroline and I adore it! Clicking the follow button :) I've been looking for a blogger event so I would love to join (I need to double check I can make that night but I think it should be okay...)
    Email is catelondondreams@gmail.com
    Hope you're enjoying London so far
    Cate xxxxx

    The perks of being a hipster