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London Blogger Dinner

Wednesday 2 October 2013
Browns Covent Garden (12)

Its only been a month, but I feel like I've been in London forever. I been using every waking second to go explore this simply amazing city, whether that is food, drink, culture... OK, lets be honest here, maybe just the food and drink, but there are sometimes when you want the company of others for just a good old girly gossip, and who better to fit that criteria than bloggers.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post asking if anyone wanted to meet up and go for dinner. I got a great response and originally had 14 confirmed bloggers. However as always the way, the day before I had 6 drop outs, and in the end there were only 5 of us. However no problemo I say, more face time with each of my blogging buddies. 

Browns Covent Garden (10) Browns Covent Garden (13) 

I'd booked a table at Browns in Covent Garden as at the time I wasn't familiar with London restaurants- oh how quickly things have changed. I knew Browns was good because I went to one in Manchester for my birthday, so I thought play it safe, God forbid if I'd be the one to arrange a disastrous dinner, who would take my London food posts seriously afterwards? We couldn't have that now. 

Like good little Londoner's, Me, Helen, Asha, Sheen and Hannah started off with cocktails. I went for Pear & Lychee Fizz which was actually designed by a customer. Sally in Kingston, I salute you!

Browns Covent Garden (7) Browns Covent Garden (9)
Browns Covent Garden (8)

I really enjoy blogging, I have come to really love writing about places I go and the people I meet. One of the best things blogging has done for me is made me go out and try new things, as there would be no blog if I never did anything. The great thing about blogger meet ups is getting to discuss all those blogging questions you have with people who actually understand, as if I said to my friends 'oh don't you find it annoying when the lighting is too yellow in a restaurant they probably (and actually do, I've already tried it, so don't) give me that exasperated look. 

After a good long natter we decided we probably should actually order some food, as we were getting pretty hungry (I may have already eaten my cocktail decoration...)

Browns Covent Garden (14)

Both Helen and Asha went for the Mushroom Pappardelle which was a rich creamy dish of sweet mushrooms drizzled in a crème fraîche and madeira sauce topped with pine nuts and hard cheese. Both gave the 'ummmm' approval (official rating scale).

Browns Covent Garden (15)

Sheen had the classic fish and chips which was a huge portion.

Browns Covent Garden (16)

Hannah was the good girl of the group and went for Ceaser salad. I wish I had that restraint, but not tonight... clearly not tonight....

Browns Covent Garden (17)

Belly of Pork. Oh baby! 

Ok, so I was a bad blogger as shock horror, I ordered the same as last time! Call the blogger police! But its that situation where you just know its good and if you order something else it might play second fiddle. Oh such tough life decisions I have.

Browns Covent Garden (18)

One of the greatest things I have found about blogging is the sense of community that exists in the blogging world. Never did I expect such a thing to exist, and yet people from all over the country, and even the world talk to me, and I to them as if we have known each other for years. Its the same with this dinner, I sent out a message asking if anyone would lie to come and 14 people originally said yes, never having et me before. If you think about it, essentially I was meeting up with strangers I had met online... yeah when you put it like that... us bloggers are a trusting bunch!

Browns Covent Garden (11) Browns Covent Garden (1) Browns Covent Garden (6)

Of course no dinner hosted by me would be complete without dessert, so I kicked things off with salted caramel cheesecake and lime coulée. Lightly whipped, creamy with a rich caramel taste, it was a good choice.

Helen opted for the white chocolate blondie, which having had the dark chocolate brownie last time, I knew that look she gave was approval.

Browns Covent Garden (5) Browns Covent Garden (4)

When Asha's Eton Mess came our faces were priceless. It was truly wickedly indulgent.

Browns Covent Garden (3) Browns Covent Garden (2)

We wrapped up the evening with more blogging gossip and a set of new real life friends not just virtual. While blogging is truly a social, friendly place, nothing can replace the real life interaction and friendship of people. Which is why me and Helen decided to carry on the real life socialisation and head of to Clapham for a South London night out, which of course meant I had to have one last cocktail for the road.
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  1. The food looks delicious I wish i lived near London so many good blogger meets

    Carrieanne x


  2. Aw sounds lovely. The food looks amazing. Wish I lived in London, I'm only an hour away but the trains are expensive :(

    Great post. Looking forward to reading more food posts

    Claudia xx

    Beauty and the Chic

  3. Please sign me up for the next one! Was so disappointed I couldn't come but it was my bestie's birthday so I was sipping prosecco in Shoreditch. Looks like you had a fab time though chick and I hope you're enjoying London! If you ever need restaurant recommendations I love my food so happy to swing some ideas your way. Hope to see you next time. Maybe we could do Christmas drinks? xx

  4. I am now salivating, that food looks amazing! x


  5. Wish i'd seen your post, i'd of love to come for dinner with ya! The food looks absolutely delicious!! xx

  6. Goodness me, the food looks amazing! Annnnnd the cocktails, so glad you are enjoying life 'down South'


    Em’s Mixed Bag

  7. As always, I'm jealous of your London location. Also, hungry. Hungry and jealous. Excellent combination. ;)

    - Lix | A Classic Notion

  8. Nice. Everything looks delicious! Love a good blogger meet up :)

  9. This looks awesome and the food looks delicious! esp the desserts!! I'm a London girl too :) if you ever do another meet i'd love to join! x

  10. How fun! This looks like it was a lovely dinner!

  11. Looks like you had a brilliant time! lovely food pics x

  12. Damn all those cocktails and that great food, so sad I wasn't free on that day although I'm definitely coming to the next one!