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Modern Day Vintage

Saturday 5 October 2013
Brag Vintage (6)

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a pretty eclectic style. One minute I'll be all girlie in a cute floaty dress, to the next minute rocking some tough little number with studded sleeves. However one style I can definitely say has never been used to describe me is Vintage.Now I know the whole Vintage look is oh so vogue, darrrrling! But if I'm being honest I've never really got it. My friend Rachel can work the granny chic look like nobodies busy, yet I just look, well, like a granny.

However as I often find myself, I was online clothes shop hopping. Link after to link, from blogs and twitter and those random ads you get, I'm a PR's dream for that, however I suddenly ended up in the realm of vintage. We were suddenly in uncharted territory. 

I was going to make a swift SOS and exit, however feeling brave I had a browse and boy am I glad, as amongst the usual suspects of 50's swing dresses and floral prints, I found this sweet velvet baby.

Brag Vintage (5)

I got it from a online vintage store called Brag Vintage. While I'm not a vintage kind of girl I did appreciate the fact that they are, what I call, a 'real vintage' store. Where there is only one of every item as it is a previously worn piece from years ago, which I do quite like thinking I have a jacket that no one else has got. 

Brag Vintage (4)

Of course I had to put my modern spin on the jacket so added my new uber glamorous Zara necklace. If there was ever a show stopper piece of jewellery, this would be it. 

Brag Vintage (2) Brag Vintage (1)

Jacket: Brag Vintage
Skirt: ASOS
Necklace: Zara (In Store but not online)
Heels: River Island

Brag Vintage (3)

I'll never be a true vintage girl, but I think this has proven that anyone know matter what your style can wear a vintage piece if you tailor it to your style. I'm now thinking Brick Lane might have to be on my London to do list. Vintage stores here I come!
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  1. Your look is very cool! I just love your hair!

    Follow me!

  2. wow, that necklace is an absolute amazing piece!! you look gorgeous! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  3. Gorgeous! Love how you've styled the vintage jacket into a nice outfit. And that necklace is stunning!

    Laura Eliza

  4. Just beautiful Laura, as usual missy, you have such an incredible classy air to you!

  5. wow that necklace! I'm not very good with vintage either but you've definitely pulled off this little number!
    Amazing skirt as well, adding that to the wishlist ;)

  6. Absolutely stunning! Love the outfit.


  7. Gorgeous skirt and lovely necklace as well!
    Maya - Archistas