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Pinafores and Lace Ups

Wednesday 23 October 2013
Zara Lace up heels (2)

Do you remember back when us 90's kids were young, Pinafores were the school fashion to have? Suddenly, they became deeply uncool, and I'd huff and puff in the uniform shop when my mum would hold up said incriminating garment and coo 'Oh its so cute!'. Cute?! I was going into year 6, there will be non of this cute business!

Roll on 12 years and there still wont be any of this cute business; Pinafore, meet lace up heels, your anti cute hero.

Zara Lace up heels (4) Zara Lace up heels (3)

Pinafore- Zara
Crop Top- H&M
Necklace- Independent Boutique
Tights- Pretty Polly from Tights Please
Heels- Zara

Some girls crave chocolate, I crave heels, so I was practically incoherent with withdrawal syndrome when I found these saviours in Zara.  I'm a huge fan of Aquazzura, and I think these a pretty good replacements for pre- pay day cravings. 

The Pinafore definitely requires a top underneath (Or does it? Watch this space) however to keep this out of the cute zone, a frisky little crop top, restored balance. This is also a great way to re-wear your summer crop tops in less than summer conditions.

Zara Lace up heels (1)
Zara Lace up heels (6) Zara Lace up heels (5)

If only my 10 year old self could see me now. I wonder what she would think to me actively buying a pinafore? Probably shudder. Oh I was such pain as a child!
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  1. I've been after lace up heels for while and I love how you have styled these!

    Lauren xo
    What Lauren Says

  2. im loving pinafores at the moment- the one youve got is so different, i love it! xx


  3. You look like a model love the lace shoes have a pair nine west one and they kill my feet still love how they look.

  4. Love the pinafore and the necklace is gorgeous!

    abi from a little dust

  5. That outfit looks familiar! :D

    Great pics!

    Cocktails and Caroline

  6. Love your shoes!


  7. Great outfit, love how you've styled the pinafore! x


  8. Haha oh gosh being a 10 year old was such an ... experience. I think this is a super cute outfit!

  9. oh my those heels are gorgeous!

  10. OMG, those heels are to die for!