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Souk Medina

Friday 18 October 2013
Souk Medina (5)

When it comes to eating out, I love discovering new places. I rarely go back to the same place twice, as half the fun is the adventure. There are two main things I look for in new places; the menu- a given, but also whether its got that edge, that something about it that makes it different. I love a quirky twist with my meal, whether that be British Tapas, or gorgeous d├ęcor, its got to have something going for it. 

So with that in mind, last week I took my friends to North Africa and back with a little help of Souk Medina, Covent Garden.

Souk Medina (7) Souk Medina (4)

The restaurant is a complete experience the moment you walk through the entrance. As you shimmy down a narrow hallway, the place is lined with indicate North African art, vases, cushions, lamps, its an Aladdin's Cave of treasures and trinkets.

Nestled around the main piazza are small, intimate rooms, draped from ceiling to floor are with silk curtains. There is a mixture of rickety chairs and low cushioned seating to choose from.

Souk Medina (6) 

There are two types of menu options, the first is your standard a la carte, where you choose your own dish. Or more exciting is option 2, mezze style, where everyone shares. Sharing is caring, no?

We went for the Marrakesh Feast Menu, which consists of 6 starters, 4 mains (plus we had extra for the vegetarians), mint tea and a selection of baklava to round off the evening. 

Souk Medina (8)

Falafel and Stuffed Vine Leaves

Souk Medina (11)

Haloumi Cheese

Souk Medina (10)

Lamb Kabbuh

Souk Medina (9)

Hummus and Pitta (I could eat hummus All. Day. Long.)

Souk Medina (15)

There was so much food, I'm not sure how we were going to fit in mains, oh but I tried of course. Never one to say no a challenge.

Tagine of chicken with saffron and herbs.

Souk Medina (13) Souk Medina (12)

Tagine of lamb with prunes, apricots and almonds (I adore hot fruit so may have kept grazing on this)

Souk Medina (1)

Oodles of cous cous to keep us going.

Souk Medina (14)

Vegetarians can also request another dish, which my friends chose Vegetarian Moussaka

Souk Medina (2)

I'm a big fan of the sharing food approach, its far more sociable. Everyone grab a fork and get stuck in. Also one of the best things about Souk Medina is that you can request a refill of any dish, completely inclusive. Not that I think you'll need it mind. 

Souk Medina (3)

To round off the evening we shared Petit Baklava. I was absurdly stuffed by the end of the evening, not that it stopped me from ordering a second plate of Baklava. Well, they were tiny, right?

The atmosphere is fantastic at Souk Medina, a utter talking point that is sure to whisk you away from the miserable London weather we are having right now. Also we missed a trick by going on Wednesday, but Thursday is belly dancing night, so I might have to break my own rule and go back just to see that. 

Saying that, with the amount of food in my belly, its doing its own little dance all the way home. 

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  1. Stop eating out - you're making me poor as I need to add this to my list!

  2. This its a great place will love to go to a restaurant like this one delicious food and belly dancing cool.

  3. I adore baklava, I don't blame you for ordering more! Yum yum yum

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  4. I blooming love that restaurant. It's so over the top on the decor, and the belly dancers are brilliant. My boyfriend was very happy when I took him along - food and pretty ladies shaking their hips. Glad you enjoyed it - the food looks scrummy! xx

  5. Oh my gosh the food looks delicious! you are so lucky, i wish i had somewhere as fancy as that near me. haha. Glad you had a nice time, i'm very jealous! <3


  6. I love this type of food- looks yummy!! lovely post xx

  7. Wow this place looks so different! Yummy food :)