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Chin Chin Labs

Wednesday 6 November 2013
Being Northern down South comes with the inevitable digs; 'Do you want gravy with that?', however it does have its advantages, we can stand the cold, so bring on the ice cream in this weather! 

Chin Chin Labs (6)

But this is me right. not one to show you mundane ice cream, heaven forbid! No, this is something a lot cooler (pun definitely intended). 

Think Chemistry meets Gastronomy, its only Liquid Nitrogen Ice cream!

Chin Chin Labs (2) Chin Chin Labs (4)

Amid billowing clouds of freezing cold liquid nitrogen, the once chemists turned icecreamists, mix creamy, velvety goodness into sweet ice cream. 

Yet they don't just stop there. The menu is as unique as the concept, with a different 'Flavour of the week' going on, your likely to find such flavour combinations as my Tobacco Baked Pear.

Chin Chin Labs (3) Chin Chin Labs (1) Chin Chin Labs (14) Chin Chin Labs (7)

If that wasn't enough, prepare to pile your lab creation high with Willie Wonka style toppings. Grilled white chocolate, heather honeycomb, eat your heart out Johnny Depp.

Chin Chin Labs (5) Chin Chin Labs (8) Chin Chin Labs (12)

Yet push comes to shove, I had to make a decision, so what was my order of the day? The Tobacco Baked Pears, Green Tea Peanut Brittle and Raspberry Sauce... OK, and I had an extra helping of chocolate dipped potato chips... oh come on, they sounded too insane not to try them!

Chin Chin Labs (9) Chin Chin Labs (11)

My foodie partner in crime this time was Nessa who had the same, but went uber sweet and had the thick chocolate sauce, and heather honeycomb. Now I am informed, even though we are both sweet toothed people, the chocolate sauce is very rich, so word to the warning, it maybe sugar overload with those toppings too. 

Chin Chin Labs (10) Chin Chin Labs (13)

White chocolate potato chips... yes you fellow Brits, that is chocolate crisps.

Chin Chin labs- totally barking, definitely mad scientist, but oh my gosh, so thick, velvety, indulgent ice cream, that you'll be willing to turn that little bit mad just to get your mitts on some. 

You can find them at Camden, a stones throw away from the other crazy in town; Cyber Dog. Or you know, on the good old sane internet here.

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  1. It's been so long since I have been here and it is such good fun x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I have a Kitchen Aid mixer cannot live without it is a must in any cooks kitchen, Food looks yummy.

  3. I can never resist going in there when I'm in Camden, it calls for me!

    Hmm maybe...

  4. This has been on my list for a very long time - need to get my butt in gear and visit!

  5. Ahh I love Chin Chin labs. they are my favourite ice creamists in London. and I love their chocolate covered crisps!!
    Their flavours are always changing, so it's always interesting every time I go!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

    1. Thats the reason why I love them because you always get to try something new. Its half the fun!

  6. That first shot alone won me over.... all of those smoking KitchenAids?!?!
    I've heard of Chin Chin labs- so good to see different takes on such a unique place!
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

    1. Ha! I secretly really wanted to steal one for my kitchen! :P x

  7. What an experience! Love the photos :)


  8. OMG!!! How did I not know about this? This place looks amazing! I'm definitely taking a trip to Camden soon. Their ice creams look delicious. Very innovative. :)

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx