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Fuel for Geeks

Sunday 24 November 2013
Shake Shack (16)

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, last weekend you may have spotted some rather geeky offenders. This is because, I, Heroine In Heels, was at a 24 hour Hackathon. If you don't speak nerd, allow me to interpret. 

A hackathon is where computer coders come together and attempt to write a piece of software or program they have been challenged to in a given time frame. Mine was 24 hours, so this means we code for 24 hours solid to complete the challenge. 
Pure, utter geekery!

I wasn't actually coding though as it was my company who were running it so I was working, meaning for me the entire event lasted 48 hours, which is why there was an unlimited supply of red bull.

Shake Shack (1)

However I knew I needed to fuel up on something more than just red bull, so I decided to brave the sunlight (for a minute I thought I'd turned into a zombie when I looked in the mirror) and grab a lunch worthy of my geek status. No time for fine dinning, or small portions, I needed fuel- ASAP, so Shake Shack it was.

Shake Shack (2)

The American legend opened a while back in Covent Garden to huge media coverage, and quickly turned cult status due to die for burgers. It's fast food, without that typical fast food quality, although in my impatient state it wasn't quick enough. Don't they know I have Java code to get back to? Sheesh, n00bs!

Shake Shack (3) Shake Shack (5)

Now I'd heard so much about Shake Shacks cheesy fires that it had to be done.

Shake Shack (6) Shake Shack (7) Shake Shack (8)

Liquid gold it was like. These ain't no Maccy D's for sure!

Shake Shack (9)

However the main event was of course the burgers. I couldn't decided between the Shack Burger and the Shroom Burger, but convinced myself to go Shack, only when I got to the till the words Shack Stack just seem to fall out. 

FYI That's both types piled on top of each other.

Shake Shack (10)

A cheese burger and a crispy fried portabello mushroom filled with melted cheese. Now seriously, you can trust me, I'm a nerd, you have my scouts honour that you need this in you life (or belly more accurately). Seriously so darn good!

Shake Shack (14) Shake Shack (15)

There was no grace to my demolition of my lunch, the Geek needed fuel.

Shake Shack (4)

In my zombie like feeding frenzie I probably ignored my patient company, Hannah a bit too much. Apologies my lovely. 

Shake Shack (11)

Knowing I would need something to keep me going through the Hackathon, I turned to ice cream for the road. Well all that sugar will certainly keep me awake! See there is an actual need for dessert. Union Shack Concrete = fuel for geeks.

Shake Shack (12)

After a quick top up lunch it was back to the office for more coding fun. The hackathon was actually so much fun, even if my 8 o'Clock we started to go slightly doolally and crank out Bieber on the juke box- oh the shame.

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  1. I am not one for fast food but those chips look amazing! never mind the burger and I never eat burgers ;D Sounds like you had a good time though geeky or not :P x

    GLAMGLOW + Macadamia Oil Giveaway

    1. The chips were so good. I wish I could say i never eat burgers, but I eat them all the time haha x

  2. That looks like heaven. But 48 hours?! I have no idea how you managed that one.


    1. Its crazy right?! What are us Comp Sci lot like! x

  3. Your hat is beyond fantastic! Gorgeous!


    1. Aww thanks! Although it definitely restricted camera angles haha x

  4. Shake Shack is great but it's still Patty & Buns poor relation, have you been yet?


    1. I havent no! Although I think I've found a better place! Coming soon *wink wink* x

  5. Oh wow, you've made me so hungry!


  6. Oh my dear wow this food looks scrum-diddly-umptious! That burger mmmm. You look gorgeous btw.

    Will have to try this out.

    Katie <3

  7. Went to Shake Shack for the first time not too long ago.. pretty good isn't it! Especially the chips.
    Love your floppy hat, so stylish!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

    1. I can never resist chips on a menu. I'd like to think my aim is to become a chip expert in life. And they were good! X

  8. this sounds like so much fun - we're all a bit techy in my family and I love geeky things like that. Have you seen the internship..? So many geeky jokes! I've only been to shake shack in the states as the queues have always been so gigantic in london. It does look absolutely amazing though so maybe I should stop being so impatient.
    Also - you look bloody great for someone thats been up for so long!! XX

    1. A fellow geek yay! I haven't no; isn it good? I got offered s job at Microsoft a few years back and I can imagine the internship looking like the Microsoft campus did.
      The queue actually wasn't that bad, it looks long but it goes down so quick.
      Oh thanks lovely- the hat hides the bags! Haha x

  9. That ice cream might have made me dribble a little bit! Cant say I've ever been to shake shack, I'm always overwhelmed when it comes to burgers in London!

    hannah bee