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Unhappily Ever After

Monday 4 November 2013
It is probably a little known fact to all you lovely readers, as this blog as been going less  than a year, but I used to be such a avid fan of jewellery, and not just heels.

I used to be dripping in the most extravagant pieces I could find. I'm not talking fine jewellery, but chunky statement necklaces, avant garde cuffs, and big knuckles duster worthy rings. In the last year, not so much any more, however when an invite to celebrate Halloween; Unhappily Ever After style, with jewellery company Wonsuponatime popped in my inbox, I thought it might be a good time to rediscover my lost passion. 

Wonsuponatime (11)

Wonsuponatime is run by the above two lovely (or ghoulish for tonight) ladies, Sarah and Emily. It offers hand-made and custom pieces from independent and trust me when I say talented designers. There is non of the generic costume jewellery you see on some of these websites; the same old rings and pendants, instead the pieces here are utterly unique and truly statement worthy.

Straight after work, I headed over to Penthouse in Leicester Square, where the 8th floor had been transformed into a dark, twisted fairytale setting. Think crisp leaves scattered all over the floor, and finely spun cobwebs draped over the once modern furniture. 

Nestled in between the cobwebs and spiders, this gorgeous beauty caught my eye...

Wonsuponatime (15)

I think I may have fell a little bit in love with that necklace. The photo doesn't do it nearly enough justice as the colours really dazzled under the lights. The designer is called Only Child is you fancy a stalk online (I have).

Wonsuponatime (17) Wonsuponatime (6)

I spent significant time talking to Rosie Sanders who Neo-classical inspirations is behind her intricate designs. Her currently collection was the fabulously named Renaissance Rebel muse and Madame de Pompadour! 

Wonsuponatime (7) Wonsuponatime (22)

I also was mesmerised as Annabelle Lucilla explained that she draws each of her designs of paper, and then transfers them to the material she is going to work with and painstakingly cuts out each by hand. I am just in total awe of people who have that level of skill... and patience for that matter. 

Wonsuponatime (1) Wonsuponatime (21) Wonsuponatime (16)

The music then started to get louder, the drinks started to flow, and suddenly I found myself standing out a little too much in my straight from the office outfit. I was in need of horrifying myself up a bit. 

Oh what do we have here...

Wonsuponatime (19)

A dress up box! Perfect.

Wonsuponatime (18)

However my short attention span may have come into play again, and I was soon off in another direction as something much more exciting caught my eye. Facepainting. 

Wonsuponatime (20) Wonsuponatime (2)

Like I said, having come straight from work, I was very un-scary. So like a good little adventurer, I said 'Do your worst'. 

My before face...

Wonsuponatime (3) Wonsuponatime (4) Wonsuponatime (5) Wonsuponatime (13)


Wonsuponatime (12)

Even freak show dolls need to eat.

Wonsuponatime (10)

There were so many amazing creatures who came out to play in the witching hour.

Wonsuponatime (9) Wonsuponatime (8)

Although let's just say the commute home was an interesting experience. I had a little too much fun scaring people that night. Bad Laura.

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  1. That face paint is absolutely insane and I love it! I'd love to have witnessed the reaction you got from fellow commuters on the way home :)

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. It was hilarious. I turned around suddenly to come face to face with a girl and she didn't half scream! I may have laughed... naughty! x

  2. Scary, Love the make up. Marisa.xx

  3. Great photos, there's something quite Alice in Wonderland gone awry about your face painting! I feel like the Cheshire cat hallucinating when I look!

    Rosie x
    NeoClassical Couture for Urban Dames of Distinction

    1. Ha, I think some people down in Leicester Square must have thought they'd drank a little too much when they passed me on the streets! x

  4. Look like a fun party with lots of pretty jewellery! Your make up looks so freaky, cool but freaky ha ha :) xx

    1. It was so freaky. Definitely not an everyday look :P

  5. Fantastic face paining - I can just imagine the looks you got on the way home.


  6. Your make looks out of this world! Love all the jewellery!

  7. Your blog is quite brilliant. We love this post, thanks so much. Your makeup really was fabulous!

    Sarah and Emily x

    1. Thank you so much. I love'd your party, you really are a fabulous company! x

  8. Loved your face paint that evening!
    Had such a lovely time, sadly now I have a very long wishlist of expensive jewellery!

    Peach Pow XO

  9. Looks like such a fun night, and your makeup looked so good! Always nice to have someone else do it for you.

    Hmm maybe...

  10. I love your make up, super creepy!!


  11. The jewellery are lovely!
    Your facepaint makeover totally freaked me out! lol!
    Perfect Halloween look!